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September 12, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

little mini "park day"


What a great week we've had here! Sorry I didn't write on Monday, we had temple day today! Crazy to think that this was my last temple day in the mission... i have truly had some increíble, life changing experiences in the beautiful Spain Madrid temple. 

This week was a crazy week- started with the leadership meeting with president/Hermana Pack, we've had 2 intercambios, we've talked to a TON of people, and it's been hot! We've seen a ton of miracles this past week and I'm excited to share! 

So last Wednesday we were headed to meet with a family... I'm not exactly sure how or why... but we ended up leaving our house like 40 minutes late so we were running late to our appointment (which I don't like at all...) as we were quickly walking there, I'm not exactly sure what happened, bit the spirit literally picked me up, and walked me across the street to help a lady who was taking her trash out. It took her a second to let her let me help her with the trash, but she finally gave in and was grateful for the help. We ended up all walking to the trash bin together and she asked what we were doing there.. we ended up sharing a little about the restoration, the Book of Mormon and we got her number! (And we're going to meet with her this week!) before we left, she thanked us and told us how we were little angels sent to her because just before leaving her house, she wasn't sure how she would be able to take it because she has muscle problems in her arm. She thanked us again and we were on our way. This was such a miracle to me and God just showing that he's there, his hand is in the work, because we were where we needed to be, when we needed to be there. 

So that was Wednesday, Thursday Friday we had exchanges with the Hermana's which was fun and a lot of work! We did a little mini "park day" so we left our piso earlier than usual because here in Guadalajara , there is no one in the streets from like 1-8:30ish because it's just SO hot. We went out to a park nearby and set goals, the 4 of us and we went out for about 45 minutes until we came back. Miracles were seen, we talked to so many people, and found some increíble people! I love the new schedule changed that happened in January because we can get creative about when and how we do things because that truly what we have to do here! 

Friday night we did the pancarta (the picture of Christ) with some members and it was also amazing! I didn't have the violin, but I got the chance to play a viola from one of the members! Haha a little different, but it worked! After I played for a few minutes, I let him play it (the bishops son) because it's his, haha, he plays well and I wanted to talk to some people. Hermana Barlow and I were out there with our ward mission leader and Enrique who is a recent convert who just got baptized about a month ago! It was amazing to see them putting themselves out there and just working hard and giving it their all to try and talk to the people and share their testimonies. 

Sunday was a great day at church! Dora and yatzo came for all 3 hours and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong in all the classes and the members are really growing together and seeing the blessings as we have to sacrifice a little to get to the chapel in Azuqueca. It makes me think of Mosiah 2:41- consider the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments. We are blessed and happy when we keep the commandments! 

Dora still has her baptismal date within these next few weeks and we had a really cool experience with Yatzo and putting a Baptismal date for him. Heavenly Father truly has been preparing people and we are being blessed to find and work with these people. 

I feel so blessed to be here as a missionary and I love wearing Christ's name on my chest and close to my heart everyday. I know that He is our savior, I know that he is ALWAYS there for us. Ups and downs, goods and bads. He knows us. Personally and perfectly! Everyday is a new day, a new start.. so Smile, work hard, and serve those around you. There's always a kind word to say, a smile to share, a friend to make, and a hand to lend. 

Have a great week and I'll be back next week! 

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