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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
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September 12, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

poco a poco

Hi! Well goodness gracious we have had some big technical difficulties today... I was on the computer and I had typed some of my email then it decided that I only had 1 minute left and then I was kicked out... sooo with that said and all that happening-I don't have too much time to write! 

Thinking back on this week I just want to write a little about how much I love Heavenly Father and how he truly is waiting to bless us and help us. Last Monday after writing, i had a super bad headache and I wasn't feeling very well. I wasn't going to give up and throw in the towel in for the day, and I was determined that we were going to go out to work and work for those miracles. We worked hard, talked to everyone and the miracles were seen! We ran into a family of a future friend of ours and we met an increíble family!!! It was almost time for us to be home, but we knew that someone was out there waiting for us. As we were waiting to cross the street, we see the cutest family (a dad, mom, and the cutest little boy and a baby on the way!!) and the spirit was so strong and we both just smiled at each other and knew what we needed to do. We talked to them, exchanged numbers, gave them a Book of Mormon. Ended up eating an increíble lunch with them on Saturday, the dad came to church on Sunday and they all came to English class and the noche de Hogar! (By the way, we had 18 PEOPLE AT ENGLISH class yesterday- it was CRAZY!!) 

I realized (and I'm sorry) that I don't write a lot about our friends here in my emails. Everyday (and week) is such a new and different day and there are always new things happening. We have an AMAZING group of friends here and I feel so blessed for each of them. They progress very poco a poco, but I feel so blessed, because they are progressing and seeing the hand of God in their lives. 

It's a crazy time right now, with summer, my companion goes home in like a week, and there will be a lot of change coming.. again! 

Sorry this is short, but I just want to testify and say how much I love the Book of Mormon. The other day a man stopped us in the street and we were talking about God and Christ. He was telling us how he wanted us to convince him and we told him that we're only here to teach, share and testify. There was such an amazing spirit as I stood there testifying to him about how I know that We had a God, a father in heaven who loves us, how i know that Jesus Christ is our savior and how i know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I feel so blessed to wear Christ's name on my chest and I love being a missionary. 

This past week we had Rainy stormy days and I thought we were going to have to build an ark, like we did in LUGO because there was so much rain, haha but now we're back to the sun, sweaty and AC. Rain or shine, I love the mission, I love my Savior. I know this church is the church of Jesucristo and I invite you to 1, pray to give thanks to our father in heaven for restoring the true church on the earth or 2, if you don't know much about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, meet with the missionaries and find out! 

We're headed off because we need to go do a few more errands before the day ends. Sorry this was so crazy and a little jumbled. I'll be back on Monday! Have a great week!! 

Besitos y abrazos! ❤️❤️

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