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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Brownies for our friends

Hola hola!! How's it going? 

Wow what a week we've had. 

Tuesday we had an amazing conference with all of the zones in Madrid and Elder Gay was the guest! It was an amazing conference and it was amazing as we talked about really living the gospel of Jesucristo and putting those things in practice. 

After conferences we are always so excited to get back to work and to put in practice the things that we learn. 

Thursday we wanted to make some brownies for some of our friends/members and give them a little treat when we passed by. Wednesday we ran to the store because I knew we needed the chocolate and the frosting. Thursday when I was starting, I quickly realized that we didn't have enough white sugar...sounds easy. We just go to the store and buy more sugar... but no. We didn't have time for that! 

I knew there was no way I would be able to do this without the help of Heavenly Father. So, remembering what the savior did (he was able to feed 5000 people with very little fish and bread) I prayed to my father with that experience in mind, explaining my situation and that somehow I needed more white sugar. (Yes I believe in miracles.) so I started to pour the sugar and poured one cup, all is well. I looked in the bag and doubted a little because there wasn't a lot in there, but poured.... and less than 1/4 came out. Well, we ran out of white sugar, but we did have brown... so I just filled the rest up with brown sugar and prayed that it would be ok. (I don't know too much about cooking and less here in Spain... the struggle is real). So, continuing, We put the other ingredients in, mixed it all together and in the oven it goes. 

It cooks, amazingly! Pull it out, and it seriously turned out perfect?! 

I was so grateful and so happy! 

As we walked out of our piso, a thought came to me about the brownie experience that I had just had. I had prayed to Heavenly Father, I told him my situation and I asked him for some help and guidance. He didn't specifically give me exactly what I asked for, but he helped me know what else I could use instead of what I was wanting, and what did actually needed. 

This really hit me and i think it's like this in life all the time. We pray, asking for something, maybe a situation, a problem, and we think we know what we need and how we should get it. But really, we have a father in heaven who truly know us, he loves us and he knows what we need, and when we need those things. 

This may seem like such a little deal. Oh palease, white sugar brown sugar... but to me, this was a miracle and I way for my father in heaven to show me, that hey I'm here. Just trust me and I will help you. I KNOW with my whole heart that we have a father in heaven who loves us. He KNOWS what we need, and how we can receive that answer. 

Well, today was the day of transfers and with transfers, it always means change. 

My cute hermanita Estrada is headed to Leganés. This morning we were in tears and hugging as she said the prayer before we headed out the door. I told mom this, but as Galinda from wicked would say, "because I knew you, i have been changed for good" I have seriously been so blessed with each of my sweet companions...  and my new companion will be hermana karlen! She is from California and she will finish her mission in 6 weeks. She's coming to be a sister training leader with me and I'm really excited! (I'm currently waiting for her in the train station, so I don't know much- next week I'll tell more!) 

Sorry I'm so short of time, we have to go catch the train to head back home to Guadalajara. 


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