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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Baleadas from Honduras

Hello from Guadalajara! 

This week was a great week! Some highlights and things that happened- we taught a lesson to a Chinese friend, we survived the heat, but also a giant rain storm, and I think my favorite part is the miracle we saw with a lady named Noemi. 

Last Monday after writing, our plans failed us, so we went to a bench and offered a pray to help us know where we needed to go and what we should do. After I offered the prayer, Hermana Estrada felt like we needed to go see Sindi (one of our friends) so that's where we headed. On the way there, we were waiting to cross the street and A lady walked up and she told Hermana Estrada that she loved her dress. Hermana Estrada asked where she was from and she said Honduras and then Hermana Estrada said, me too! (Of course it's always exciting to find someone from your own country when you're not in your own country.😀) not only was Hermana Estrada excited, I was excited too because I love the food from Honduras and I told her how I loved baleadas (yummy food and literally my favorite thing from Honduras) and then she laughed and invited us over to her house to eat baleadas with her and her family this weekend?! 

So the week goes on, we are just doing our missionary stuff, keep seeing miracles and Friday, we're walking down the street and all of a sudden a lady starts yelling at us. Confused we start walking a little slower because we're not sure if she's yelling at us or who, and then we recognize that it's her! We go over there and she reminds us that we have to come over to eat with her and her family! We couldn't go Saturday, so we changed it to Sunday and all was well. 

Sunday comes around, we leave our house to go meet with her and we were so excited to eat baleadas and meet this family. We meet Noemi in the bus stop and as we start walking to her house she tells us how all her family is there waiting for us and they're so excited to meet us. As we walk in the portal, 2 kids walk out and it's her grandkids, a girl who's 12, Brenda, and Jonathan is 14. Cutest kids! We go up to the house and there are literally 11 people there so excited to meet us. We sat down and we were talking to all of them and I got talking to Brenda and we talked for like 20 minutes just about anything and everything. (Soccer, English, she has 3 brothers and is the only girl just like me, church). Their family is part of a different religion, but they are so believing (sorry I don't know how to say that right in English). The dad is blind but we quickly found out that he plays the guitar and sings. I asked if he would play us a song and goodness it was the best thing. He was singing about Christ, the apostles, the atonement, and then his wife joined in.. ahh I should have recorded it because it was so cool! The faith of these people is amazing! Before we ate, the grandpa blessed to food and after, time to eat! Ahh so delicious😋😋

Just before leaving We shared the easter video with them "Prince of Peace" and they loved it! 
Although they are part of a different religion, we are so excited to meet with them again and keep sharing what we believe! They invited us to come back this weekend for enchiladas too! The family is increíble, they are so many of them and they are a miracle! (It's amazing the miracles you see when you just do what you are suppose to do and follow the promptings of the spirit. We found her because we followed the impressions of the spirit and we were where we needed to be, when we needed to be there.) 

As we were walking out, Brenda, the 12 year old, aka one of my new best friends said, " all we knew was that 2 girls were coming over- 1 from Honduras and 1 from the states and I was so excited!" She then went on and thanked us for uniting her family and bringing them together. 

I'm not exactly sure what will happen, but I am excited to see what Our Heavenly father has in store for this cute family. 

This past week, we went to the mission home for interviews with president and he asked how it was talking to you all on Mother's Day. I told him that it was great and that you told me that I looked so happy. He laughed a little and said, well hermana Curtis, it's the truth! You do look happy! He then went on to ask why I was so happy and I wasn't exactly sure how to respond because that's just it... I'm happy! We are working hard, seeing so many miracles, and the blessing are just pouring upon yes. Yes we have harder days, yes sometimes it's difficult and there are problems... but I'm happy because the savior is with us every step of the way. I know that He lives and I know that He is our older brother. He love us, and He knows us. He knows how we feel, and He's been there. We can turn to Him because he truly is the one who understands.

I know that the gospel of Jesucristo and our Savior is truly the way we find happiness in this life. I know there is a plan for each one of us. 

We're excited for another week here in Guadalajara! We have transfers this weekend... which means changes and of course we're praying that we will stay together... but we will see what God is thinking! 

Well, that's it for me this week. Have a great week! 

Love you all and keep praying and reading!❤️

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