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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

This week in Guadalajara 😁

Hello from Guadalajara! 

This week has been FULL with meetings, INTERCAMBIOS, and conference! Tuesday we had leadership meeting with president Pack, his wife, the zone leaders and assistants and it was INCREDIBLE! 

We left concilio (leadership council), and I was so excited, and so full of the spirit, ready to work and ready to get back out to work. I was so excited to talk to people and the spirit was just testifying to my heart and telling me that hey, you know you need to do that and now, is the time. We got on the metro and immediately I saw a women with her head and her face.. I looked to Hermana Estrada and I told her I want to talk to her...  but how?? I paced around for a minute, trying to talk myself into it and giving myself a little animo. A few stops later, the people next to her got up, and Hermana Estrada looked at me and said, there you go, sit by her.... after a few more pacing, and saying a prayer to help me have the words I needed... I sat by her and nudged her and asked how she was doing. She shyly said she was fine.. then returned back to the head and hand stage.... I looked at hermana Estrada with a face of "well now what?!" 
Well, still wanting to talk to her and not going to let that rejection stop me there, I insisted to continue the conversation, asking where she was from, how long she's lived here, where I should visit In spain, food, and all that fun stuff. We talked for a few minutes and then we came to her stop, she told me see ya later, and she was off. We didn't get to talk about the gospel, but I was happy with my attempt to talk to her. The whole way back to Guadalajara Herman Estrada and I were really looking for those people to talk to and I feel so happy as we talked to people and the spirit testified to me that we did our part! A lot of times we get rejection, most times people don't want much, but every time we do our part to make a contact or share, we are just that much closer to finding those we are ready. We had multiple really good conversations with different people and it was increíble! 

Thursday we had INTERCAMBIOS (exchanges I think they're called?) with the Hermanas from B4, Hermana Davis and Hermana Santoyo! I was really nervous because I was going to be in charge of leading us around our area for those 24 hours and I had just barely got there myself! I'm alive, I did it and it all turned out great! (Of course with many prayers) We saw so many miracles and it amazing me the love that our father in heaven has for each one of us, and how aware he is of us and our needs. 

Conference! Was incredible!! We got to watch both of the morning sessions live (because it was afternoon here) and the Saturday afternoon we watched on Sunday. This week we'll have to watch Sunday afternoon. 

It's amazing how inspired our prophet and apostles are to lead and guide us. Every talk was incredible, but I loved the words of our profeta Thomas S. Monson. I'm going to echo his words, if you're not reading the Book of Mormon every day, please do! We need to gain our own testimony and have that foundation ourselves. 

This week is Easter week and I feel so blessed to be here, testifying of my Savior Jesus Christ. What an increíble time we have to be here on this earth! 
I know HE LIVES. 
I know He knows us. 
I know he loves us! 

(Also check out on the #PRINCEOFPEACE campaign) 😁

Have a great week and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers! Sounds a little cheesy, but we're oh so blessed and our Heavenly Father is always raining blessings (and miracles) upon us!!

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