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September 12, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Welcome to Guadalajara!!

Hello from Madrid! 

What a crazy week I've had! With "see ya laters" and "hellos"- this week has been full! Last Monday we were in A Coruña, -and after writing i had the chance to contact for a few hours with Hermana Ibañez- our last working hours together... haha. We contacted by the seaport and tears definitely filled my eyes and my heart was full knowing and feeling that I would be leaving the north, LUGO, and my cute companion. Never did I ever think I could come to love a companion, a friend so much like I love HERMANITA Ibañez, in such a short period of time. I've said this before, but I'm forever grateful for mission friends, and grateful for a father in heaven who sends us those we need in the moments we really need them. 

Tuesday we got on an early morning train, and headed to Madrid! About 7 hours later, we arrived and my companion, Hermana Estrada was waiting for me at the station!

Hermana Estrada is an Hermana FULL of love and hugs! (Which I love!) she is from Honduras, and this past week, we just celebrated her 24 birthday! Her family is living here in Barcelona, and they've been here in Spain for about 10 years! (We have been out the same time and we'll also finish together!) 

This week has been a week full of getting to know people, getting to know the area, and just getting us started. The hermanas have amazing friends here, and I'm excited to call them my friends as well! There's a lot of potential, and it's going to be great!! It's amazing to think how much I have really grown this past year, and how things that we such a challenge for me (like contacting and talking to people), have become things I actually enjoy doing and Im not afraid to do it anymore. 

Right now we're in barrio 4 (a different ward, closer to Madrid) because tomorrow we have a leadership meeting with president pack, his wife, the assistants, and zone leaders. We're sleeping in the mission home, and Tuesday night, we'll head back home. Tomorrow I'll get to play the musical number for la reunion and I'm so excited! 

This week some interesting things happened while we were contacting. The first morning here we went out and the first person I stopped told me that I had ugly eyes and that I needed to put glasses on to cover them... by the end of the conversation she was telling us that we were a little piece of heaven, we were angels, just without the wings. We've had people tell us that we have lights that are just glowing around us and when they see us, when they talk to us they can just see a light. 

The light that we have- it's the light of Christ and the love we can feel and bring from our father in heaven. We know that we have a savior who loves us and we have a father in heaven who has a plan for us! You don't have to have a chapa (a name tag) to share what we believe. Open your mouth, or be an example and share the light and love of Christ that you have in your life. 

This is a big week, with conference coming up and I am SO excited!! We have the opportunity to hear from our beloved prophet, and apostles, to hear his words and to hear what our father in heaven wants to tell us. I want to invite each of you this week to think, to ponder, and to pray about some questions that you may have- because I know that if we go into conference prepared, and willing with a humble heart to receive those answers and direction in our lives, we WILL receive that guidance. How blessed we are to have a prophet here on this earth who leads, guides, and loves us! 

James 1:5- if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.

Prepare yourself for this weekend. Ask of God, and have your pen and paper ready to receive, because you will receive it! 

Well, I'm headed off! Have a great week! I'm happy, I'm healthy, and all is well here in España! 

Que tengan una buena semana y cuídense mucho! ❤️

Con mucho amor, 

Hermanita Curtis 

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