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September 12, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Banana Chips


Espero que bien porque, yo estoy SÚPER BIEN!

This week has been increíble! 

Tuesday we had zone conference in Madrid, and 

1- I got to see Hermana Storheim! (Also, she brought me deodorant from the US 😫 blessing because I was almost out of my last stick and now I'll make it to the end of the mission!😁) 2- of course it was incredible! We talked a lot about talking to everyone, not just "contacting" them, or getting their number and we talked a lot about the importance of planning and having an effective and missionary productive event every hour of the day. Let me just say and testify that doing these things... BRING MIRACLES. It's amazing to see how the spirit can help my creativity and how we can think of creative ways to start a conversation with people. We've elimated the phrase "we're missionaries...." and we all know how the phrase ends. It's amazing how talking to someone about directions, food, the bus, or anything random like that can be brought and switched into the gospel of Jesucristo. 

Saturday morning was one of the miracle mornings- more than usual. We had a morning without any lessons, but we decided where we wanted to go to talk to people and where we wanted to knock doors. We left the church after companion study and the first person we talked to was from Honduras (like my companion) and I mentioned how I loved the food from there (because Hermana Estrada makes me Honduran food and I LOVE IT!!) she was a miracle. 

As we were walking to the building we wanted to do a pass-by, we ended up talking about what we wanted for lunch. Haha we were hungry?! I told Hermana Estrada that I wanted Honduran food and she told me how we didn't have banana chips to make it- well that wasn't I problem because I had remembered I had seen them in a chino store (like a little all-a-dollar place). We went into the first one to look, and no luck. We left and just at the moment, we saw a future friend of ours and his daughter! We ended up giving them a Book of Mormon and were meeting with him this week! (Miracle) we keep walking, we end up teaching the easter video-Prince of Peace to 2 ladies in the street and the spirit was SO strong! We keep walking and get to where we wanted to pass by.. she wasn't home, but we were already so happy of how the morning had gone and we talked about how Heavenly Father really does put people in our paths. 

We keep walking and find a different chino, still looking for these banana chips. We realized it wasn't a food chino, but saw a lady who we wanted to talk to who was out front. We ended up talking her and one of the first things she said was that she had only been here in Spain for about a month, she felt very lonely, and was looking for a Christian church. WELL PERFECT, here she has 2 new friends and a Christian church! We ended up talking for a few minutes, wrote her number down and we are also meeting with her this week. The blessings and miracles are POURING from the skies and it is incredible. And to finish, we decided we would go into 1 more chino- BLESSING, they were there!! Heavenly Father blessings us not only spiritually,  but physically as well!! 

One thing we have learned is to just be ourselves, live our missionary lives, be obedient, pray, to trust, and to have faith! 


This week is Semana Santa- easter week and it's a very big and special week for us.

I invite you to study about our Savior, Jesucristo. The Church has made an AMAZING video and amazing videos to help find more peace in our lives. DO IT! It has already changed my life and I have already seen it change lives of our friends and the members here. 

Have a great week, and know the I'm so so happy and I love the mission!!

HASTA la próxima semana!! 

HERMANITA Curtis ❤️❤️❤️

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