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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
Spain Madrid Mission
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Guadalajara, Spain


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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life here in Guadalajara

Well, happy lunes! 

I'm back! Even though I wrote last Wednesday, it feels like just a few days ago, a lot has happened! Wednesday night we stayed with our hermanitas in b4 to work with them and help them a little. Thursday we had interviews with president Pack and they were great like always. President pack is increíble and we are so blessed to have such an inspired, loving, devoted mission president. 
Thursday afternoon after interviews we were back here in Guadalajara and we don't know why but we were SOO exhausted and felt so dead. We had a cita (appointment) with our friend Dora so luckily we had somewhere we needed to be. We prayed for us both to just have the strength and help we needed the next few hours so we could be out working and doing what we needed to do. The whole walk to Dora's we were saying hi to people and not even kidding, everyone who said hi to, said hi back. May not seem like THAT big of a deal, but that's a big deal!! It's not everyday people will say hi back to you in the street here in Spain!😊

Friday we had Intercambios with the hermanas from torrejon, and it was incredible! I was with cute Hermana Rood, from Logan (Providence)! She has like 6 months in the mission, her Spanish is increíble and she is an amazing missionary. We were planning to go stop by Dora's house again (our friend from Peru) just to see how she was doing. We get there, and we ended up having a lesson with her, Fernando (another friend of ours who lives in her piso) and her son Cristian who is visiting from France! We ended up sharing a Mormon message about the things that matter most in life and just inviting them to enjoy the family time they have together. As we were closing the lesson, I asked if anyone had any thoughts or questions, and Cristian (Dora's son) tells us that he has a doubt.. my heart started beating SOO FAST and I was so scared to death for like a split second, but of course the spirit kicked in and told me to chill and it would be ok. He asked us just about anything and everything: tithing, sabbath day, the Book of Mormon, who's Mormon?, the Bible, what we believe, and what our purpose was. It was amazing because as we answered the questions and doubts he had, the spirit was so strong and we had the words and the things that we needed to say to him. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon, testifying of how this book has changed our lives and he thanked us for the visit. (We're headed over there again tonight 1, to continue sharing because he asked us to come back, and 2, they are going to feed us papa a la guancaina (an AMAZING PERUVIAN DISH!) talk about an intercambio miracle!! Wahoo! Also, I think one of the best parts about that, was that our friends Dora (who is investigating) was testifying to her son about God and the Book of Mormon. 

We had a great weekend at church with our friends at church, and we're excited for this next week! 

Can you believe that this is always week 6 of this transfer and we have transfer calls this weekend?! I don't know how time is going for you, but it is FLYING WAYYYY TOO FAST! ✈️

I feel so blessed to be a missionary and for the opportunity I have to be here in Spain, in Guadalajara. I know that God is our Father in Heaven who LOVES US. Pray to him always, pour your heart out because he knows you, he knows your needs and he is always there to help. 

Have a great week and I'll be back next week! 

Hermanita Curtis 

Also, a few weeks ago when we had our banana chip miracle and gave a Book of Mormon to a future friend, well this week he came to the lesson with his book, with things UNDERLINED and MARKED!! These things do not happen!!! MIRACLE!! (Please keep Alonso in your prayers!)
And also Dora and Celina if you can too! Thank you!❤️

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