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September 12, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Moments & Miracles!

Hola hola hola! 

Sorry that I didn't write Monday! (And sorry that I forgot to tell you that I wouldn't be writing again until today...🙈) this morning we went to the temple, so our preparation day got changed to today- so I'm here!

First I'm just going to say how much I love the temple and how truly blessed for this beautiful place on earth we have to go to feel the love and guidance of our Loving Heavenly Father. 

This week was Semana Santa (easter week) meaning that it's like holiday ALL week long, a lot of people aren't working, and a lot of people leave to other pueblos (towns), which made it really hard to meet with people, talk to people, and it makes things a little more interesting as a missionary but that doesn't stop us from working or serving! 

This week was a week FULL of service. One of our friends Dora, had to move pisos so a few of the days we were there in the afternoons helping her move, and we came home tired, tired, tired! Even though we were exhausted, it's amazing the friendships and the amount love and care you really have after such a short amount of time for these people. Dora was found by Hermana Estrada and her last companion by knocking doors, and she honestly is a miracle and has a heart of gold. She's a blessing in our lives and I'm so excited to see what God has in store for her! 

So, every Tuesday night we have a family home evening with the ward (Noche de barrio). We were having English class before, but we still had to run to the store to get treats for after the noche de hogar. I was jokingly telling Hermana Estrada that we needed to go right now because there was someone at the store waiting for us to share the gospel with them and as we ran out the church door, I promised the elders that would would come back with a reference of someone... well, we get to Mercadona (the store) and as we were checking out, my companion whispers to me in English "this is the one"... meaning that he was the one we needed to talk to. She starts talking to him and after checking out, the conversation got carried into the street. We ended up getting his number, and we're meeting with him this week! We left the church joking a little bit that we would get someone's numbers in such a short amount of time, but I have such a strong testimony that God really knows where His children are, where they're going to be, and when. And as missionaries, this is our job, to be diligent, to listen to the spirit and to just go, do, and find! 

I think one of my biggest happy moments of this week I wanted to share is something that happened to us on Sunday. Sometimes it's a little difficult to get people to church on Sunday mornings, but we're always calling, inviting, and praying that we can have our friends there. This week when the meeting first started, we had 1 friend sitting with us. We were happy, but knew that more would come. Shortly after, another 2 friends walked in. Ok and by this time we were happy. After that, a less active family of 5 that we visited this week walked in, and with them another one of our friends. 4 OF OUR FRIENDS WERE AT SACRAMENT AND 1 WHOLE FAMILY!! If this isn't a miracle, I don't know what is?! Hermana Estrada and I sat there with the biggest grins on our face, holding in the laughs because we were SO HAPPY! It's amazing how these simple little things may seem like not a big deal, but these are the tender mercies that really make it all worth it! 

Another MIRACLE! So here we have a bus pass and like a train pass to travel around. Somehow last week I lost my passes and I couldn't find it. We usually don't need it, only when we are going to the station or traveling a little more... well, somehow last week it got lost after district meeting, and I was sad, and a little frustrated because it's not like me to lose things like that... I prayed and prayed and prayed. We prayed. We looked all around our piso, in my backpack, skirt pockets... EVERYWHERE. We called the lost and found and finally decided that we needed to just call and set up and appointment to order a new train pass. We called and we were going to go do it today. We went to the bus stop to order a new bus card and as we were asking how much the card cost, right there was my wallet!!!!! And even better, EVERYTHING WAS STILL IN IT! MIRACLES and love from GOD! This may seem like such a little deal, but these are the everyday, every life experiences that god shows us that he is there, he cares for us, and He knows. 

With the new mutual theme this year, there is a song that I love! It's with the scripture James 1:5- if you lack wisdom, ask of god, ask of god... 
so, my invitation... ASK OF GOD. If you need something, If you have a question, ask! He's there, he loves us, and I know he's listening! 
Look for those little miracles in your life this week! 

This week being Easter, I just wanted to say how much I love my Savior, my brother, Jesus Christ. I know He lives, I know he loves us! 

Have a great week! LOVE YOU 

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