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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
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September 12, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

LUGO has come to an end...


Goodness, what a week we've had...

I'm currently in KFC in A Coruña, the time is short, and my head is spinning because changes are coming!

But first...

This week we had INTERCAMBIOS with the hermanas in vigo, and I had the chance to be with hermana duffin. She is in my group, so we came to the misión together and I absolutely loved he time we spent together. We talked a lot about confidence in our Savior and really learning to trust him, to BELIEVE in him and to know that he really is there for us. It was so cool to be able to teach with her and to testify about the love our father in heaven has for us. (We also ate pulpo, octopus. It was so good!! a typical food here in Galicia)

Well, I have some good and bad news.. my short time in LUGO has come to an end... and I have been transferred to Madrid- Guadalajara. My new companion will be hermana estrada¡ Saturday morning, hermana Ibañez and I were planning and the phone rang- my heart was in my throat I was so nervous. Because it was president pack! Hermana Ibáñez is training and I'm headed to madrid! I have very mixed emotions, but I'm excited to see what our Father in Heaven has in store for me. Taylor reminded me last week that now is the time to really put into practice all the things I've learned and that I've been prepared. I'm excited to serve in this new area, with a new calling, but very nervous. Tomorrow, my cute trainer hermana weaver goes home- and i got to talk to her on the phone for a little bit these past few days. She reminded me to really just turn it all over to the lord, to tell him everything and to really trust in Him, and to really let him lead and guide me. I'm so grateful for the amazing influences and forever friends that I have because of the mission. One of my forever friends is my cute companion hermana Ibáñez. I'm going to miss her dearly and I'm sad to leave... I'm grateful for her testimonio, faith, example, love, and her dedication to the work. We learned a lot together in these 2 transfers and one thing that I'm very grateful for is just pushing through those difficult times and learning to trust in the spirit and follow those promptings. I'm grateful for the amazing members here, for their love, support, food and for what I've learned.

Sorry my time is short,  but I'll be back next week!

I know Our Savior lives, and I know he loves each and everyone of us.

Have a great week!

Lots of pictures this week!

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