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September 12, 2017

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

See you soon!!

Yohoo! How's it going? 

First, I just wanted to thank anyone who has prayed for our dear friend Elaine this week... your prayers have definitely been heard, and they have been answered! Thank you for your faith! So this week was busy busy. Last week I mentioned how we were going to Gran Canaria for our Zone conference. It was amazing! We talked about faith and how we need to have our faith deep in our bones. We had an amazing day being spiritually full by president and his wife and the ayudantes and after we had the BEST Canary island feast. Ahh it was delicious! We did a white elephant gift exchange with our whole zone, the stake president, our president, and it was really fun! We Caroled in Telde with the missionaries from our zone and then caught a flight back home to our island. Thursday night we slept in the Santa Cruz Hermanas piso, Hermana Duffin and Rodriguez. Woke up Friday and come back to our warm sunny los Cristianos. Friday night we had our ward Christmas party and I was asked to bear my testimony... something that the mission has taught me is that I am actually really shy to talk in front of people and I get really nervous, especially in Spanish. I was really worried and praying so hard that everything would go ok... I don't know why I get so nervous, but I do... it Always turns out ok, and I always make it out alive, haha. 

I have always loved Christmas time and one of my favorite Christmas traditions of all time is as a family, we make sack lunches to take downtown and deliver them to the homeless. The Christmas initiative that the church is doing right now, Light the world is helping us be more like our savior Jesus Christ everyday. There are small and simple things we can do each and everyday to be more like him- serve, have more humility, have more patience, love a little more, smile, learn, ask questions, listen, and so much more. This time as a missionary is when we really can focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is when we celebrate our savior Jesus Christ and his birth. He is truly the light of the world and we are so blessed to have his example. What are you doing this Christmas to let him into your life? Our savior has given us so much, what are you giving back to him this Christmas season? 

Saturday we were excited and ready to get back to work after our zone conference. We spent the morning doing a few pass bys and seeing who we could visit and see. We got to Fabia and Joel in EL Fraile and they weren't home, so we decided we wanted to "heart attack" them. There isn't a way to get into the building without a key,  but luckily their window is facing the street. We wrote on a few hearts to stick on the window,  that since both of us are shorties... we couldn't reach. We tried jumping and pulling ourselves up, but then I told Hermana Schwicht to climb on my leg. So I got onto the ground and she climbed up. (While all this was happening, there was a man across the street just laughing at us). Seconds later, Fabia and Joel pulled up laughing and asking what we were doing. The things you do just to show some love! 

Saturday night we got home from the day and we were texting a few people to remind them/invite them to church for Sunday. We texted Elaine, hoping and praying all would go well... and she texted back almost immediately and said that she would be there! Hermana Schwicht and I literally jumped out of our chairs jumped up and down and hugged each other. THIS WAS MORE THAN A MIRACLE!! Last week after her husband had passed away, she told us that she didn't want any more of the church and she didn't want to be baptized... so, on Sunday, she came to church, she loved the sacrament and after the bishop gave her the most beautiful blessing. In relief society, the hermanas of the ward gave her SO much love and support. We are so blessed to have them here to help her, especially during this time. We asked if we could visit Elaine and she said of course. (Yayyy our loving Elaine was back!) Sunday night, we hopped on the gaugua to make our journey. We spent some time with her, just talking, catching up, crying, laughing, and anything else in between. She is so strong and it is increíble. She told us about some amazing experiences she had with the Book of Mormon this past week. After her husband died she didn't want anything and said how she was never going to come to church again. Luckily, we are so blessed that her parents are members in Brazil. Such a giant blessing and help. Her dad really helped her realize how this is just a trial of her faith and how strong she really is. (And something mom mentioned to me last week in her email to me) See told us about how the Book of Mormon was just calling her all week and how she just felt like something was missing. 

For us missionaries, it was a sad week without her, but she was in our prayers, fast, and this week she realized how much she really does love the church, love the Book of Mormon and her Savior. Our miracle continues on!! 

Also, she wants to get baptized this weekend?! So we'll see what we can pull together! 

She is such a miracle, she is so strong, and such an amazing example to us. 

This week I want to invite you to keep lighting the world! 
We are so blessed to have the gospel of our savior Jesus Christ and to have his example and light in our lives. The world is always changing, values, morals, everything, but with our savior we know where we're at, we know there's a plan for us, and we know that we have a savior and through him, we can be saved. 

I feel so blessed and honored to be on the mission right now, especially during this Christmas season. Take a moment, a step back from the crazy running around, enjoy the lights, enjoy the family, enjoy the season. 

I'm so excited to skype this weekend and see you All! 
Can't believe the last time we Skyped was Mother's Day and I was like 2 weeks into the mission... where has the time gone?? 

This week is week 6 of the transfer which means, my cute compis last week of training and transfers are next week.... 
Sunday you'll know what happens! Until then!! 

Hermanita Curtis 

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