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September 12, 2017

Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016---what a week

Hello hello! 

This week was a crazy week. Like crazy. This week I don't think anything really went as planned.. but it never really does, haha! 

I'm writing this towards you, mom and dad/ familia... I'm not exactly sure who should read this or what should get posted. But I'll leave that up to you. Whatever you think is appropriate. Thanks. 

So this last week we had a lot to do to plan for the baptism we had for Elaine. We met with her Monday to teach a few last minute things, and everything went great! She is always so receptive and loves everything we have to say and share. We met with her Tuesday to have a lesson before her baptism interview which was going to be on Wednesday. Tuesday night we got a call from our district leader expressing some concerns about the baptism on Saturday because it hadn't been announced in church yet and they were worried we wouldn't have the member support because not too many people knew about it.. Tuesday night was hard because we were now faced with the decision of whether we should move the baptism to the following week. (We had already asked her a few times and she wanted it the 10) Tuesday night I knelt down to pray to my father in heaven and express my thoughts and concerns... I felt like she was so ready for baptism and we had worked so hard to pull it all together and have everything ready for Saturday, the 10th.. I promised God that I would do what He wanted me to do. 

Wednesday she had her interview and all went well! Elder Hendrix (district leader who did the interview) said that it was one of the most spiritual experiences he has ever had on the mission in an interview. We were so nervous because they were in there for over an hour, and I just wanted all to go well. They came out and they both were so happy, especially her. Especially us! 

Friday we were planning to stop by Elaine (she lives in playa SAN Juan, which is an hour guagua ride from our house) to just talk and see her again before the baptism. She didn't text us back Thursday night to confirm that we could come, so we decided that we would just call her in the morning to see if it would be ok. 

Friday morning I was closing my personal prayer and I heard my companion talking on the phone to someone.. I looked up and saw that things didn't seem right and she quickly motioned to me to come over. I answered and it was Elaine, crying on the phone. She told me that she had just got home from the hospital and her husband had just passed away... my heart just sunk... they are both in their middle 40's so it was very unexpected for him. There was an infection that entered his heart, and within hours he was gone. 

After a few minutes of talking on the phone to her, Hermana Schwicht and I quickly grabbed our backpacks and we literally ran to go catch a taxi and headed to playa SAN Juan. (The day before we were contacting in SAN isidro, and Hermana Schwicht felt like we should grab cash out, we did and of course it was preparing us for that taxi ride the next morning. God really does work in mysterious ways, and I feel grateful for my companion acting on promptings she received and being so quick to act.) 

On the way there our minds were running like crazy, why was this happening? What was going on? Her baptism is tomorrow? Why is this happening? 

My compi and I just sat in the taxi for our 20 minute ride just holding hands and crying... after what felt like an eternity, we finally got to her house. We ended up staying at her house for about an hour and a half, just talking to her, trying to comfort her, and crying with her. 

We left and felt so exhausted, so confused. Through all of the confusion, and everything that happened, through all of the tears, swollen eyes, and sadness, there was a spirit of peace through me. I wasn't mad at God, and I'm not mad at him. I don't know why her husband passed away, I don't know why it happened the day before the baptism, and I don't know why bad things happen to good people. I'm only a 20 year old girl and I don't know everything... not even close. But what I do know is that we have a father in heaven who loves us. He knows us, and He has a plan for each one of us. I know that we have a savior, who atoned for our sins, and through him, we can live with our families. Forever! 

Although Elaine's baptism didn't happen this week... and there was a lot that happened... I know that my Savior lives. I know that He knows all our feelings, and everything we go through. I know that He lives. 

This week we're headed to The other island, Gran Canaria with president and Hermana Pack, so we're excited. This week I also will hit my 9 months?! Where has the time gone?? I feel so blessed to be here, I feel so blessed to wear my Saviors name everyday and to be a representative. 

Keep lighting the world, and keep serving! 

Until next week, 

With much love... 

Hermanita Curtis 

This is my district leaders account of Elaine's Interview... 

"This week I had the opportunity to do a baptismal interview for one of the hermanas investigators, Elaina, who has been preparing for baptism for several months. She's from Brazil and has lived here in Tenerife for about 15 years. She's the sweetest woman. I love interviews so much because I get to hear the life stories of others and hear their recently developed testimonies. I didn't know Elaina very well, but during our conversation I could just tell that there had been changes made in her life. She shared with me a lot about her experience of getting to know the church. She has developed such a strong testimony. One thing we discussed a lot was the spirit she has felt as she has been taught by the hermanas. She explained that sometimes she doesn't understand everything, but the things she doesn't understand are the things that have helped her better understand the principle of faith. Trusting in spiritual feelings is often more important than developing a perfect understanding of everything you learn. One thing I love about the gospel is that we are always learning. We're not perfect. We are continually growing and developing our testimonies. Sometimes we don't understand everything that we learn from church, but as we continue to trust more in the spirit we feel rather than focusing on our worries, our faith and understanding will grow. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Elaina is one of the most prepared converts I've had the opportunity to interview. The spirit during that interview was so strong. I as well left the room feeling very spiritually uplifted. It's amazing to be able to witness the changes that can take place after seeing someone allow themselves to experience the blessings of the gospel. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life, and I'm so grateful for Elaina's desires to make a covenant with her Heavenly Father which will result in her achieving an even greater potential to receive such wonderful blessings from her Heavenly Father. "

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