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September 12, 2017

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Goodbye Los Cristianos!

Hello hello family! 

Well, first it was AMAZING to talk and see you all yesterday. Because we talked yesterday, i don't have much to say today and it's super crazy, packing and getting ready to leave. 

For those who don't know... we had transfers, and I'm getting transferred to LUGO, in Galicia, like at the top of Spain in the peninsula. Where it's cold, and I won't be wearing sandals! Ekk! I'm super excited and I know there's a lot of work to do there. It's a Rama, (branch) and this morning I was just told that there were only 15 really active members. Wahoo! A lot of work to do! I will be whitewashing again, so it's all fresh and new for the both my companion and I! (3rd whiteswash the charm right??) 

Tomorrow we will catch a plane to Madrid, we'll be taken to the train station, take a 5 hour train ride to Santiago. Tuesday night we will sleep with Hermanas there, and Wednesday morning we will wake up, take about a 2 hour bus ride to LUGO. I am so so nervous, but so so excited for this new adventure ahead of me. 

Hermana Schwicht and I had a great week with Christmas and working hard to get things together for Christmas. 

Elaine is doing great. She didn't end up getting baptized, but she has a baptismal date for the middle of January. I'm sad I won't be here... but I know that that is not what's important. I'm just so grateful that I got to be apart of her conversion and see the light of our savior just shine in her life.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak in church for Christmas and to bear testimony of my savior. Christmas time is such a special time and there is such a special spirit when we think of the true meaning and how much our savior really means to us. 

I feel so blessed to have spent the past 6 months here in Los Cristianos, and 3 of which I had the chance to train and be with Hermana Schwicht. I remember my first day here I was in love with the area, the weather, the people... I'm definitely leaving a piece of my heart here in this beautiful island, but I'll be back soon..... And Lugo is calling my name!! 

(Also, I don't know if you remember. But Hermana Barton, she is Tyler Haws friend. She was in my math class at Utah State. And she brought me stuff in the MTC? She was just in Lugo, so I'm taking her spot) 

I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time, but we're quickly emailing because I have to go finish packing and putting a few last minute things in, and after we're catching the guagua to start this next journey! 

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed the time together! 

Also, big big shout out to anyone who wrote my a Christmas note. THANK YOU!!! 

Life is great, the church is true, I'm a child of God and so are you! 

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