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September 12, 2017

Monday, November 7, 2016

We have testimonies to share!

Hola hola¡ how's it going??  

So first, major apologizes about last weeks email... it was really such a crazy day, and we were in and out of wifi so fast.  But I'm here! And I've got a good weekly update! This week has been another busy crazy week. Our mission just got a new update and now we have the "Area Book Planner" on our iPads. (Wahoo!!!) which means, all of the carpeta, progress reports and things on paper, are now on our iPads. President pack wanted all of our current people in by Thursday, so we worked like crazy to get everything in by that time and have things up to date. So now, right after lessons, it is so much easier to update our records and keep everything current. Big change for us here, but we're excited! Still have a lot of work to do, but we're so blessed to have this technology to use.  

This week we saw a lot of miracles (like always) and here are a few I wanted to share.  

Tuesday we met with our friend Elaine in playa San Juan. (She is the one whose parents are members in Brazil and her sister got baptized a few weeks ago. She was the one who called US!) Elaine is amazing and progressing incredibly! She is reading in the BOM, she has so many questions and she is so eager to learn and do her part, and she has come to church the past 3 weeks with us! She is incredible and such a blessing. Yay!  

This week was kind of a slower week,  but I'm happy because we doubled the number of lessons we had last week! We also did a lot of pass-bys, and got to see a lot of people that we haven't seen for awhile or visited.  

While we were doing some of these pass-bys and visits, we were on the guagua and I was trying to figure out what stop would be best to get off... the house we were going to was like exactly in the middle of the 2 I asked hermana Schwicht and we decided to just go to the 2nd stop and we would walk back a little. We were at the first stop and I just had a feeling to get off... I pushed it aside, but then had the thought.. "if you don't listen to the prompting I give you, then I'm going to stop giving them.." that shot me right up, and I quickly said to my companion, "I don't know why but we're getting off here." ( I don't know if that's how Heavenly Father really works, but it got me going...) We got off.... and right there in front of us a few steps were the ELDERS! It may have seemed like a little thing, but they helped us find the members house we were looking for and we needed their help, just in that moment. Lesson learned?! Just listen to those thoughts and promptings in your head even if you don't know why.  

This week during our pass-bys in San Isidro, we contacted someone and he was ready for us to teach him right then and there. We sat down on the bench with him and we got talking. He told us that he was a Christian and we got talking... as we talked he asked if we were going to teach him something. After some time and him showing us a few scriptures in the Bible, a scripture came to my mind about talking of Christ and rejoicing in Christ... we shared that with him in 2 nefi 25:26. He loved that, and he reminded us that as missionaries we shouldn't only trust in the videos and we don't always need to have something to show like a film, because we have our testimonies and we have the scriptures. This was a great lesson for me to learn and something that really changed my thinking because it so easy to just want to pull a Mormon message out and rely and that. Yes Mormon messages and the tools we have are so powerful, but we have something even better: We have testimonies, the Book of Mormon, we have experiences, and we have the Holy Spirit to help us testify. This week I really learned to trust in my testimony, and I've also been working on being converted. To testify is to know and declare... but conversion is to know and become. This week... work on your conversion. KNOW AND BECOME.  

Well, I'm headed off to work and it's going to be another great week! This is week 6 and we have transfers again this week?! So crazy that I've been training for 5 weeks and I'm still alive, haha just kidding. I have seen the hand of the Lord more than I could have imagined, the blessings and miracles are flowing when we are obedient and I feel so blessed to be here in Los Cristiansitos with my amazing companion, my district, our friends and the members here.  

Have a great week, remember who you are and where you came from.  WE'RE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD AND HE LOVES US!  

Much love and Besitos, Hermanita Curtis 

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