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September 12, 2017

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

giant giant miracles

Hola hola! 

My goodness what a week. This week was a week of running. Literally running everywhere. Almost every night this past week we had lessons at night, and to be in piso on time we sprinted and ran our tired little bodies home. This week was also another week of traveling and adventures! We had intercambios (splits) with the sister training leaders in Gran Canaria and instead of taking a plane... This time we took a boat! In total we took like 4 buses and about an hour and a half boat ride to get there. My head has been really sensitive to the bus rides and boat rides lately, but luckily I did ok with travels. All I can do is literally sit there or sleep a little, which i don't like because I want (and need) to be studying or reading. While we were on intercambios, I had amazing experiences with Hermana Freestone. She goes home this transfer, and it was amazing to spend some time with her and learn from her. 

This week I wanted to share a miracle. A giant giant miracle. We were out of our area for 2 full days because of intercambios, so Saturday morning we had to plan for the morning and the day was packed full with lessons, people to visit and things to do. During medio dia, we got a phone call and one lesson canceled. Ok, it was ok because we had other people and back up plans still. By the end of medio dia right before leaving piso... All of our lessons had failed us.... At this point we were thinking, alright there's got to be something we need to learn from this lesson. Where do we need to go? Who do we need to talk to or visit? 

Earlier in the day I had called a menos activa (Less active) asking if we could pass by. She told us that she was working until really late, but her daughter was home and that we needed to go visit her because they had got into a really bad fight the night before and things were not so good. 

Because everything had failed we had time to pass by and we headed over to their house. We stopped to get a few treats for her and on the way Hermana Jimenez started to pray outloud because we knew we would need a miracle to get into the edificio. (Building) (because we usually have to wait until someone leaves) right when I got to the door, somehow I just pushed it open, and it opened!! We started walking towards their house and the girl that we went to visit was out on the sport court. She came running to us, crying, and we stood in that moment all just hugging. We talked to her for a bit, shared our treat, and shared a little message with her about how she is never alone. She told us how she wanted to go away but there was something in her holding her back and telling her to stay. Right in the moment when she saw us walking towards us, she had been praying for someone to come just so she could talk. 

This was amazing because we seriously had a whole day of plans, everyone failed, and somehow we ended up exactly where we needed to be when we needed to be there. 

I didn't share and express this story for what it deserves, but I know that we were where we were when we needed to be there. 

This week is conference and I'm so excited! Also, transfers! I don't know what will happen... But we're excited to work hard this week! 

Have a great week and enjoy the family time especially now! Love you all!! 


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