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September 12, 2017

Monday, October 3, 2016

Little girl, big changes

Hello hello! 

How's it going? My thoughts are seriously all over the place and this week has been very very crazy. I've sent a few different emails with what's going on, but we got transfer calls and......  I'm going to be training a new missionary!! I am so nervous, so happy, so scared, but so so excited! I flew here to Madrid early early this morning and we will get our new companions tomorrow evening! I will take her back to Los Cristianos and we'll be there. Hermana Jimemez is headed to Vigo, the very very tip of Spain. She is excited, but sad to leave our home and sad to be going to the cold.. I am very grateful for the amazing 2 transfers we had together and for all that I learned from her. She's amazing and I'll forever be grateful for her Ecuadorian beans, rice, and chicken! 

This week was another week of miracles. I feel like crazy crazy things always happen right after we write on preparation days, and again this happened. (Read other story) 

Conference was amazing and I loved every minute of it!! The spirit and feelings I get when hearing the words of our living prophets, hearing the choir sing, so many memories come flooding back from when we would watch conference as a family, or go to conference. WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE LIVING PROPHETS. Who lead and guide us today! Because of the time change, the morning sessions were here at 5, so we got to watch both morning sessions. On Sunday, 7 of our FRIENDS (investigators) came to conference!! Wahoo!! 

I sent a few pictures of us and a lady watching Mormon messages in the street. We found this lady and spent most of the night with her helping her find a place to sleep for the night. The Mormon messages that the church has are very powerful and amazing! My invitation, share a Mormon message with someone this week! 

I'm sitting in the Apple Store in Madrid right now and I don't have much time, but this next week is going to definitely be An adventure. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support always! Next week I'll be back in my home Los Cristianos, with my new companion! 

Stay tuned!!! 

Much love, Hermana Curtis 

One of the many many miracles of my week...

This happened last Monday and we were asked to write about our feelings and perspective.... Enjoy! 

We left the church a little after 7 to run and catch a guagua (bus) which was going to leave at 7:10. We were headed to a family home evening and the bishop had just told us that it was the birthday of the mom who we were going to visit. Hermana Jimenez and I had less than 5 minutes to quickly run into a Chino to find a little something to take. Just as we were leaving and running to cross the street, the elders starting calling us on the phone because the guagua was there and about to leave. Just as we were running I saw Elder Knaphus at the door of the guagua and quickly I saw Elder Forsberg running towards us. Before I knew it, I was running to Elder Forsberg who was with and a man who was seizing and shaking uncontrollably. This man had fallen over and Elder Forsberg was keeping him from falling off the curb into the street where the guaguas pull in. He was shaking uncontrollably, his head was bleeding, coughing, his body was turning blue, things were really not so good and Elder Forsberg was calling for help. Immediately people ran across the street and starting calling for help on their phones. I turned around to Hermana Jimenez, and without saying anything, we started to pray. It was a quick prayer asking our Father in Heaven to please help this man who had fallen and to help us have the guidance to know what to do. When we turned around, Elder Forsberg, Elder Knaphus, and a few other people were attending the seizing man, and shortly after Elder Forsberg and Elder Knaphus were giving him a priesthood blessing. IMMEDIATELY, he stopped shaking and there was a little peace in his body. His color started coming back and there were people there to help. While this all was happening, there were people around praying and coming up to us and asking if things were ok. The man who had fallen was wearing a hat and one of the taxi drivers came up to give us the hat of the man. We explained to him that we didn't know the man, but we were with the 2 boys in the white shirts. He was so surprised that all of us were there helping and stayed to make sure he got help. The paramedics shortly arrived, and by this point the man had his eyes open was more aware of the situation. They explained to him that he had fallen and they were there to help. They moved him onto a stretcher, and there they went crossing the street to take him away.... While this was all going on, there was a lady who started talking to Hermana Himenez about us. Turns out she has lived here in Tenerife for about 10 years, she is a member but hasn't been to the church here since she left Ecuador because she didn't know where to find it. (She noticed us because of our white shirts and placas (name tags). Hermana Jimenez and I were also wearing white shirts this day..) She was on the guagua that pulled in right by the man and when she was getting off, she saw us and noticed who we were and she was so happy to see us. Hermana Jimenez got her number and we're headed to visit them this week. Right place right time? 

After watching this man get wheeled away, talking to this menos activa and her family, the 4 of us stood there on the curb and I was speachless. Before my eyes, I literally had just seen the priesthood blessing heal a man. 

The miracle of this all, we were where we needed to be, when we needed to be there. We were planning on going to Loro Parque on Monday and we didn't end up going. We didn't think about it until very last minute and Sunday afternoon we still didn't have tickets. We didn't have the tickets to take the guagua early Monday morning, and the option to buy the tickets was definitely there Sunday afternoon. As missionaries and as members, we know this the sabbath day is a sacred day, a day we shouldn't make purchases and a day to worship and serve our Father in Heaven and Savior, more. We could have easily just bought the tickets no big deal, but for me... I've grown up knowing that the sabbath is a delight, and we all knew that it was something we shouldn't do. We kept this commandment and I think we were definitely blessed through this miracle the next day. it's also miracle that we ran into the chino because if not, we would have all been on the guagua headed to the Noche de Hogar and possibly not even have known about this. 

This experience was life changing for me, and I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood, for prayers, and for faith. The truth, we don't know where this man is now, if he's ok... But what I do know is that when we are obedient, when we are worthy, and when we have faith, miracles are bound to happen. 


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