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September 12, 2017

Friday, August 12, 2016

Miracles every day!

Hello again from LOS CRISTIANOS! I never ever know what to write, and most times I forget what I wrote about the week before, so here it goes for this week! I realized that I am really good at not writing about the people I am working with and about our friends here! So today, I'm going to do a little bit of that. 

But first, I think you've already seen, but President and Hermana Pack made a visit here for Piso checks and interviews. We passed, we made it to the celestial kingdom and all was well! I am really grateful for them and their love in this work. I am also really grateful that I have a nice place to live, sleep, and study. This week though, we didn't have hot water... Because we needed to buy a gas tank.... Whoops. We kept forgetting and when we would remember later in the day, the place was closed. But, it's been hot so the cold showers didn't bother us anyways. Haha. Weird how things that like just happen and it's totally ok, I love it! 

This week was really cool and i don't know how, why or when this really happened, but there has been a change in me. A change in heart, a change in mind, a change in me, and a change in my mission. I don't know what morning, but I woke up and something was different. My attitude was different, I felt different, and everything was just good. Yes I have hard days, hard moments, but here in Los Cristianos it has been really eye opening for me. Like I've said before, there are a lot of tourists and sometimes getting our 25 contacts and day, each can be really hard. The other night I don't know why but I just had fire in me. We were walking and almost every person I was trying to stop and talk to. Even if they had Prisa, they didn't want anything or "I only speak English", I can always get them with that because I speak English too! Tourists can sometimes be a blessing :) 

We are always seeing miracles here, seriously so many every day, but this week I am especially grateful for my district, district leader, and my companion. Saturday night when I was talking to my district leader, he invited me to specifically pray that night to heavenly father and specifically ask to have my eyes opened to see the good things I do. The next day I woke up, and I was SOOO sore because we had played soccer and basketball the day before and walked ALL over our area. We went to correlation with our bishop (I don't know if that a English or Spanish...?) but it's when you report about your week and the work and how the ward can help. And up the bishop looked at me, and so did my companion, and there I was... It was my turn to speak and there was no getting out of it. After the meeting, the bishop came to me and told me that he had been praying for me to do that this week. Well, I did it! I have a lot of vergüenza (shame/embarrassment?) with my Spanish, but it really has improved and it's coming along! 

One thing I love about the mission is working with families. To me, my family is everything. Sunday night we visit with the Lattanzio family. (The family we play uno with). The parents are both members, but very menos activo and their kids aren't members. We passed by their house a little earlier than usual, just to give them a card because it was the dads birthday. We heard a ton of noise inside and we were nervous to knock and bother. I finally mustered up the courage just to knock and we were invited in the come celebrate the birthday. We were hoping to just pass by because we didn't want to bother them.  (The WHOLE family was there, grandparents, cousins and all. Haha the grandma couldn't say my name so I was "Hermana Fabrica".) After a bit of time, everyone had cleared out, we got a chance to share a quick message with the parents. We testified to them about the importance of families and reading and praying together. The moment I was testifying to them about why I was here and how the gospel can really help them, the spirit was so strong and I know they could feel it. In those moments where my Spanish fails, I'm very grateful for the spirit that can pick it up and my love can help as well. We love the Lattanzio family and they definitely have a special place in my heart. (They are from Venezuela and the arepajas... Wow so good) 

Sunday miracles, one of our friends Andrés came to church yesterday and he really liked it! He is from Italy and he is awesome. 

Last week I think I wrote about the menos activa we found in the street.. Well like 20 minutes before church started she called us and asked what time it started and she came to church with her boyfriend, another miracle! 

Miracles are happening all over the place. With people we talk to, people we find, lessons and the work here. It's hard, very hard but I love it and I know this is where I need to be! 

Sorry my thoughts are always scattered. Have a great week and enjoy this last week of summer!! 

Much love, Hermana Curtis 

This week I have been reading and studying about Gods love and I want to invite you to read the talk, THE FIRST GREAT COMMANDMENT, but Jeffrey R. Holland. We have a father in heaven who wants to help us, he wants to bless us, but we need to love him, keep the my commandments and do our part too. Please take the invitation, it's an awesome talk and something great to study! 

Also, this week I turn 20 YEARS OLD AND 5 MONTHS in the mission!



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