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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
Spain Madrid Mission
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September 12, 2017

Friday, August 5, 2016

Sign Language!


(I am very rushed writing today and sorry this weeks email is boring.......) 

This week was full of miracles, language barriers, sun, walking, service, and work! I wanted to share a few highlights from my week... Friday nights we have English class at 7, and then we have Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with the ward at 8:15/8:30. After Noche de Hogar, we left the church and it was about 9:45ish. We were headed back home to our piso and as we were waiting to cross the street I noticed some people struggling with a map. I barely know this area, I don't really know where things are, how the guaguas work, but somehow I had the courage and something in me walked me over to them and asked them if they needed help. (In Spanish of course..) it was a couple, looking at a map of the area with the light of his iPhone. After I asked, he turned around, pointed to his ears, and he was telling me that they were both deaf... Oh GREAT. Thank goodness for those early morning sign language classes before school in elementary school, I know the alphabet in sign language.... I introduced myself and tried my best to help. We were signing back and forth, they are from Scotland, Cathy and John! :) it was crazy because I was signing with them, then talking to Hermana Jimenez in Spanish for what they needed and to see if we could find it on our iPad map. I think we ended up helping them, there definitely was a language barrier, but moral of this story, the gifts of tongues (or hands.....?) is so real! 

When we finished helping them it was about 10:05, and we're suppose to be home by 10 unless we have a lesson. Hermana Jimemez and I are really good and being home on time when we should, but for some reason we both just kept walking. It's really cool because in the street, we are both like a magnent connected together and we're always attracted to the same people and we always go for the same person to talk to. It's awesome, but sometimes really hard, haha. There is a popular street to walk down, but at night it's really hard because it's ALL tourists. We were walking and towards the end we stopped a girl and we introduced ourselves, who were were, and what we're doing. It was my turn to now talk and she said, "I'm actually a member." She is a less active, she's 21, and SO cute. She's been wanting to come back to church, but she was worried and she is nervous. Here in Spain the JAS (YAS) have huge conferences every summer and she went to it last year, and so did Hermana Jimenez. They didn't meet there, but still so cool that they both were there! She lives super close to us, so we all walked home together, and she talked about how just the other day she was thinking about the new sisters here in the area, and she wants to come back to church. We're excited to work with her and hope all goes well over this next little bit. I don't have much time to write today, but I'm doing great here. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

Love you all and have a great week!

Also, I don't know if I've ever introduced my district? I love my district here!

Elder Forsberg is our district leader and he is from Norway. He's been out a little over a year. Elder Jones is from Colorado, he has been out 6 months. (This is his first area, so he knows everything and anything to know about this island) And Hermana Jimenez is my companion! :) 



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