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September 12, 2017

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

20 years old and 5 months in the mission!

Hello hello HELLO!!! What a week! I've been thinking about my emails that I send home and I realized I have talked a lot about miracles.... Well, let me first just start and remind you that this life, that our God, is a God of miracles. 

This week we had Zone Conference in Santa Cruz (the top of the island) and I was asked to share the spiritual thought. This was the scripture I was given.... 

2 nephi 27: 23 For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith. 

PERFECT RIGHT? The day of the conference was a miracle day in itself. I could tell the whole story- but long sorry short, we were up by 5:30 that morning to catch a 6:15 guagua. The elders woke up by me calling them about 6:13 to see where they were because they weren't at the stop... They caught the next bus and all made it on time to the conference. The way back, also a miracle because we barely made it onto the bus back. Sounds crazy and silly, but there are miracles EVERYWHERE. 

Thinking back on my week I laugh a little because literally EVERYONE failed us. Everyone. We had multiple lessons set up everyday and we got lucky if they didn't fail. Frustrating, yes, very. But there's one thing that I've learned and learning. This work is the work of our Savior and father in heaven. We need to do it their way and their timing. Because almost everyone failed us this week I am very grateful for our planned backup plans and for the guidance of the spirit. When things failed we were always calling people and trying to find people we could visit or lessons to set up. I am grateful that Hermana Jimenez and I are go getters and even when people fail us, we're still pushing forward and relying on prayer and the spirit to guide us where To go. 

Something that I noticed a big change in me this week is with my Spanish and the phone. This past week we had a big change in our companionship (I would say) and that was that for the first time in my mission, I have been in charge of the phone. At the beginning of the week Hermana Jimenez said, tomorrow you are in charge of the phone. you need to call and confirm appointments for tomorrow and you're in charge of it today. That night I went to bed with SO much anxiety and stress to wake up the next morning just because I would have the phone.... Good news, I survived and I can talk on the phone!!! We switch off every other day and this is only the first week of me really taking the responsibility of the phone and I have already improved so much! Sunday was my phone day again and of course everything failed and as we were walking through one of our pueblos, Hermana Jimenez was just reading off phone numbers to me of people we needed to contact and I was calling people left and right. For me this was such a tender mercy and A miracle because poco a poco day by day I can do hard things. (Seems so little, but a big accomplishment for me!) I can understand people on the phone!! 

So some other miracles for the week... 

I woke up Sunday morning, August 14 and my sweet companion made me a heart shaped toast and a Oreo milkshake. We went to church and 3 OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME, and it was awesome!! Wahoo! Because we are in a touristy area, we have a lot of tourists that come to church. There was a cute couple from Scotland and after church I talked to them. She told me that she had served a mission and her Mtc comp was a Sister Curtis. I was trying to think from all my cousins who it could be that would have served with her... I thought and thought and after RS she looked at me and said "Jessica, her name is Jessica!" I have a cousin named Jessica...... Jessica Curtis. After a little bit of Facebook searching for pictures and thinking, we figured it out!!! She was MTC Companions with Jessica Curtis (McKay now)!!! Such a small world, again!!! Miracles all over! Scroll below for a picture of me and her!

Again I could go on and on with my week, but we are traveling back from taganana and our beach day and I'm exhausted. We had a great weekend and the work is great. This is the last week of transfers.... WHAT?? The time here has gone by so quickly! 

I am 20 years old, and I have 5 months in the mission. Life is great, and the church is so true. Have a great week, thank you for the birthday wishes and love!! 

I think one of my favorite things about missionary work is we do the inviting. We invite people to do things and THEY have the choice. We trust in the Holy Spirit and our father in heaven to help us and I love that!! As missionaries we are here to invite others to come unto Christ but we can't force them or push things in to them. They have to act on our invitations. They have to read, meditate, pray and ask for themselves. Our father in heaven gave us agency to choose in all aspects of our life and I love that! 

(A lot of things will be explained through pictures.....) 

Much love, Hermanita Curtis 



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