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September 12, 2017

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grandpa & Grandma Curtis in the Canary Islands

Hello family! Today has been a crazy day- we went to monkey park with the elders and some of our friends from English class! It was really fun! (Check videos) we then caught a guagua and headed to granadilla, which is about an hour ride, to go eat with members. I don't have great wifi connection in the place we go, and our time is SUPER short today, so I'm sorry. (Also, I think 2 of my emails sent to you yesterday? I promise I wasn't being disobedient! We have wifi at church, and it automatically connects, but for some reason it's only in the chapel. So the rest of my emails finished emailing yesterday when I was connected to wifi... Sorry about that!) Because I'm short on time I don't know what to say, but I wanted to share this story with you of something that happened this week. I wrote this the day it happened... So that's kind of why it's in different tenses. I'm seeing the hand of the Lord here SO much and it is incredible. Enjoy this little story :) I don't know what you want to post of what you'll end up putting. I'm sitting on the guagua writing this right now, and I haven't read your emails yet, so sorry if I don't get to respond. This past weekend the primary/ward had a little Pioneer Day activity. The JAS (YSA) were in charge of teaching a dance, and I ended up teaching everyone a little bit of what I could remember fro, ,y pioneer dancing days, mutual activities and trek. It was a fun night with the members and remembering the pioneers. I've thought a lot of my ancestors a and pioneers these last few weeks and I'm very grateful for their sacrifice. Once again, I'm very very grateful that our family is strong in the church and we have the knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ and his teachings in our lives. Ok enough chit chat, sorry. Here's the meat of my week!! 

Today (July 19, 2016) was a REALLY HARD DAY. I don't know why, but it just started out hard. We had a lesson in the morning with 3 of our new friends. I was frustrated because I felt like I couldn't respond to anything and I felt very discouraged and like I didn't even have a testimony in Spanish or in English. After the lesson, we were contacting around our area and we were talking to a man and he kind of attacked us (with words of course) about how all the churches are the same. I felt really discouraged again because I'm here as a 19 year old girl in the islands, just trying to share this happiness that I have with others and I just want people to know how much their Savior can help them, and that they have a father in heaven who really loves them. We came home for lunch, and after We ate I had to go pray because I had so much in my mind. I had held tears in all morning, I don't know why but I just had the feelings of crying all morning. So when I finally had the chance to cry I little, I just let it all out to God. How I was feeling, and what was going on. I specifically didn't ask him to change anything or take it away, but I just wanted to strength to be able to push through. I pulled myself together, and it was time to leave for the afternoon. The Campbell's (senior missionaries here on the island) came to our piso to pick up some bags of old clothes and they took us to the church to meet some JAS. All afternoon Elder Campbell just kept telling me that he had a surprise for us and he was so excited. I didn't think anything of it, but shortly I was very very excited and had the biggest smile on my face. They brought 3 cute girls from Santa Cruz, JAS, and one of them brought her violin for me to play!!! WAHOOOO!!! We didn't have much time to be at the church because we had to catch the guagua for a lesson, but I got to fiddle a little and play a few songs. :) TENDER MERCIES. 

Skip ahead for a little. Our lessons failed that afternoon and we tried doing a few pass bys, but not much success. We went back to the church for English class and after we had an activity for the JAS. We had yummy brownies and juice and that's not important, but THIS is. I was getting the violin out to play a few more songs with one of the girls in the ward on my violin and someone in our ward came up to me, Antonio. He asked me if I knew a Legrand Curtis. (With language barrier, it took me a second to realize he was saying Legrand). Anyways, long story, WAY short.... HE KNOWS GRANDMA ANS GRANDPA CURTIS. Language barrier difficulty again, but this is somewhat what I think happened. Grandpa came here when he was in authority (some thing about France.....) and they had discussed opening this area for missionaries. They didn't really like the idea because we are so close to the beach and they didn't want missionaries there at the beach. Grandpa made yummy food for them, they took a few walks together and more of course. There is a hotel right now across from our chapel and I guess they met there for about 3 months until.... They got permission to open a branch here and now there is a chapel!! (Which is where we meet now) Not exactly sure if that's the real story or how it all goes, but Antonio said "este área es culpa de tu abuelo".... This area is fault because of grandpa! (Obviously this is a good thing!!) And I am here, in this area, right now, serving, As a missionary!! Like what?! Ahhh!! 

Antonio was telling me that when he first heard my name he was really shy and timid and he wasn't sure if he should ask because they are a lot of Curtis' out there... He said that for a few days he's been thinking about my name and thought he should ask. SO glad he did because now this is something I know and something so incredible!! 

To the point, Heavenly Father didn't take away my problems. I still can't speak Spanish too well, things are still hard, I still struggle, but Heavenly Father has blessed me and continues to bless me. With the violin, the story of grandpa, He knows what I need and he knows how to speak to me. Today, I am very very grateful for the love of my father in heaven and I'm grateful that He knows Me. Ahh.  I know I am WAYY to hard on myself, but j just want to do the best I can. I want to make you proud, I want to make my father in heaven proud, I want to represent my savior well, and i want to help build his kingdom. 

Last week in paps email to me he said "You will find out why you are serving where you are, and touch many lives as you do it." Our mission president also says something like "I receive the revelation for you to go somewhere and when you are there, you find out the reason why".... The story of grandpa is just the beginning of my "why" of why I am here in Los Cristianos. We have an eating appointment with Antonio and his family later this week and I'm hoping to record him telling the story so I can get it more correct and accurate. If you have any pictures of grandpa/grandma Curtis could you send them to me? I showed him the one i have and he LOVED IT! He wanted me to send it to him, and I just want to help build this connection. Tender mercies and miracles all over!! 

Sorry this is crazy. I don't know why but emailing is always so crazy and I promise I'll get better. Love you all, enjoy the pictures/ videos and have a great week!! 



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