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September 12, 2017

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Yohoo, how's it going?? This week was a great week here in Los Cristianos. We had transfer calls... AND.... I'm staying here with my cute companion. I can't believe we've already been here 6 weeks! I have grown a mountain and learned so much! I can't wait to keep the work going. We're had a crazy busy week here and I'm excited to share! 

The Lattanzio families grandma is in the hospital and we did a surprise visit to her this week. (She is the one who called me Hermana Fabrica (Sister from the factory)). We found the hospital and her room, knocked and she was SO excited to see us! We visited for a bit, some of her family came and went, and we got to share a little message with her. We talked about the blessings from God in our lives and how we are so blessed. I really admire this cute Abuelita (little grandma) because she is in so much pain, but oh so happy! During the lesson I got this overwhelming feeling of love... And it was from grandma Curtis. My heart started beating really fast (that's when I REALLY know the spirit wants me to speak) and I knew what I needed to do even if I didn't want to. I shared the story about grandma Curtis passing away while I was in the MTC, how it was really hard but how I felt so much love from everyone, my Father in Heaven and Angels were truly lifting me and carrying me during that time. As I started to share, tears rolled down my cheeks and she started to get up to walk towards me (she had surgery on her knee and she was walking towards me!!) I quickly ran to her to hug her and help her. She whispered in my ear that grandma is with me, she's watching over me and that she can be my grandma here on the earth. I sat on the bed close to her and she held my hand as I finished my thought. We closed the lesson and she reminded me to never forget gods love for me and that I'm now her new Nieta. (Granddaughter) WOW! Such a cool experience and I literally left speechless! 

Friday/Saturday we had Intercambios (exchanges) with our sister training leaders. They are in Gran Canaria, a different island, so we took a plane to spend the day with them and it was so fun! We saw so many miracles there as well! I was with Hermana Charlesworth and she seriously is the cutest ever and I learned so much. We didn't get a picture because it was a crazy 24 hours, but I am so grateful for the time we got with them! (Also Hermana Freestone is the other STL (sister training leader), and she went to Brighton High School. She knows the Timmins!) small world?! 

We were grateful for our little adventure, we spent a lot of time in the airport Saturday waiting for the Guagua (bus) so we could get back to Los Cristianos, and we were very happy to be back here in our home. 

Sorry this is getting a little long, but I want to share a little about Andrés, one of our investigators. I think I've talked about him a little bit before. He is from Italy and we found him at the bus stop I think our first week here. I love teaching Andrés because he is SO eager to learn, always asking questions and we have to teach a little slower because of language, but I absolutely love this because I am learning so much! Heavenly Father is really working with him right now and we have seen such a change in him this past month. Yesterday during our gospel principles class he bore testimony about how he loves all of church actives, English class, our family home evening.... But his favorite part is coming to church!! We gave him a white shirt and tie yesterday and he was so happy! (I don't have the picture sadly, but I'll send that next week) I wish I could really just explain him, but it's just incredible. In one of our lessons this week I invited him to pray out loud because that is something I love to do and that's the way I pray. When I pray out loud, I really can feel a difference and I concentrate more on what I'm saying and my thoughts. On Sunday he told me that he took the invitation and he could feel that difference and he told me that it was so powerful. Yay ANDRES!! I love it because we are friends with him, and it's not just a quick baptism or algo (something) to have that number. It's very poco a poco (slow - a little at a time) with him, but I love it. Ahh I have no words. 

Well, it was another great week here! The weather is hot, the tourists are still everywhere and we're learning something new everyday. Good luck to those starting school again, work hard, play hard. 

Just want to leave my testimony about the power of prayer and Miracles. Our Heavenly Father is there, and his is very close. Pray to him always and tell him all the things of your heart. The way to get to know someone is to spend time with them. Spend a little extra time on your knees this week. 

Love you all and have the best week!! 

Con mucho mucho amor, 

Hermanita Curtis! 

Ps, our district is changing up! Elder Jones left to the north of Spain and Elder Forsberg will be training here! Sad to have our district separated, I'm a little worried because Elder Jones knew everything and anything about this island because he was here for 6 months, but we can do this! 

We have an investigator and her dogs name is Toby!!!!! I had to do it... Haha I miss our little Tobes.

A little birthday video and birthday cake...


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