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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Los Cristianos

My oh my, HOLA! Welcome to the Islands, LOS CRISTIANOS, aka TOURISM and THE vacation spot. Again, there's so much I could say, but I'm going to keep it kind of short and do what I can. So Tuesday we flew in, and we drove for about an hour to get here to Los Cristianos. We have a little church building (Place?) that we meet here in Los Cristianos, it's only about a 10 minute walk? So, really nice! 

Some fun facts about the area/island- -we don't have busses, they are called Guaguas (pronounced like "wahh-Wahh...") 

GOFIO! Not exactly sure what it is, but I had it in ice cream and it's WAYY good.

Hermana Jimenez is my companion and she is a MACHINE. Seriously. We're always going, on the go and always have something to do. We have the same cumplimes in the mission, so we both celebrated this week! (I turned 4, and she turned 10!) this is her 3rd area, and 3rd whitewash, and this is my 2nd area, and my 2nd whitewash... Heavenly Father is definitely trying to teach us both something. We love it! -because Hermana Jimemez is native, it's SOLO ESPANOL all day long, all night long, all everything. (She is from Ecuador, but has lived in Spain for 16ish years..? Her and her sister are the only members in her family. Today she made an awesome lunch, beans, chicken, potatoes, and we had a yummy  sauce, mojo with it. I think mojo is a canary island thing..) Language- Sometimes (mainly most of the time..) it's really frustrating because I just want to speak, and I just want to be able to communicate, but being here just for 6 days, I have already learned SO much Spanish and improved so much with her. When I say my personal prayers in English, most of the time I catch myself thinking and translating them to Spanish... Poco a poco still. I think it's hard because I just want to know and I just want to be able to fully communicate and express and talk. I find myself comparing myself to her in Spanish, and hello?! That is way not ok or fair. Spanish is her native language and she's spoken it her whole life. Something that I am really learning is patience and just to do what I can do, the best I can. There are 4 missionaries here in our area, pair of sisters, and elders. There are 3 of us that are new, so on Sunday we spoke to introduce ourselves. Of course I wrote my whole talk out word for word, but when I got up there, the spirit was the teacher and I didn't even read off my paper. One of the the  elders told me that my grammar was perfect and I shouldn't worry about what I can't say, just say what you can and know how, and have confidence in yourself. So, at the moment, I'm working on my confidence. :) (but trying to stay humble and still learn, and grow) wahoo. 

The Guagua, transportation here is really really difficult. In Madrid, the bus passes by maybe every 5 minutes, and we had a metro, but here, very very different (theres a set schedule when they leave and I feel like there's a million Guaguas we could take) our area is all pueblos, most really far and because of transportation, we really have to be smart about where we go, and when. A lot of walking and transportation. 

I think one of my biggest problems is Spanish/English/ new area, new people and just trying to keep things straight and figuring it all out, because it's all new! My mind is always running 10000 miles an hour. 

How's the weather?? SUPER nice. It's hot, but the ocean brings in an amazing breeze so it's really cool. I've definitely going to get tan this summer because we're out walking, but it's so awesome. The feel and atmosphere  here is incredible and I love it. (People always says its so "tranquillo" and it's so true. Very calm) We played soccer Saturday morning with friends, menos activos, and it was super fun! 

We're just trying to get to know the area, work hard, and get going. Los Cristianos and the area we are in has A LOT of potential. It is very touristy, but there is a lot of work to do. Patience, and love is what we need here and we're very excited to do that. Anyways, I'm probably forgetting things, but that's a little of my life here! It's weird because here is completely different fro, B8 in Madrid. It's good, just a whole new world! We're excited to work and get going here. 

This week Hermana Jimenez shared something with me that I really loved. 3 Nephi 16: 31-34. Our Heavenly Father knows of all the things that we need. First, we need to seek the kingdom of heaven, keep the commandments, read, serve, pray, love, and we need to not worry about tomorrow and all the things that could happen. I loved this because she reminded me of this, and today, mom and dad both reminded me of this. To take things day by day. To focus on the good, to learn something new everyday, and to work hard. In the mission, and for me right now, it's really easy for me to worry about what's going to happen tomorrow, or this weekend, or a month, or next transfer, or a year?! But right now, I need to focus on my people here, and my calling here as a missionary. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in the islands. I love it and all is well! 

"You do not find the happy life. You make it." 

My advice for the week, do what you can do, the best you can do it!! 

Until next week! 

Hermanita Curtis in THE ISLANDS 



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