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September 12, 2017

Monday, July 11, 2016

Here we go!

My oh my. What a week! Big things happened and are happening  and I'm so stoked to share! 

First, the BAPTISM HAPPENED AND IT WAS GREAT! Rodolfo and Valeria were so happy and so excited! :) (confirmation was also great!) I spoke at the baptism about the Holy Ghost and cute Valeria was sitting there on the front row crying her cute eyes out. (I'm sure gonna miss that little girl...) I'm so so grateful for the chance I had to work with those kiddos. Their grandma the member, Florencia left for Peru Sunday morning and their dad, a nonmember brought them to church for the confirmation! We were really worried about how it would all work out, but the spirit really touched him at the baptism and we hope they can continue to have that support from their dad. Wahoo! 

In these past few weeks, mom always mentioned and reminded me to look for service opportunities and ways to always serve. Service here for some reason is a little difficult to find, so I have really been praying for that, and prayers were answered! We helped a less active member and family move on Friday and it was so fun and so awesome. (The grandma, Carmen, son Dani, and little boy, Alex, came to church on Sunday as well. Wahoo it was awesome!) They moved about a 10 minute walk over a few streets, so we walked in the heat, sweating soooo much, dragging behind us the cute Spain grocery bag cart (if you've been here, you know exactly what I mean....) and it seriously was so much fun. On our way back from one of our trips we saw a cute lady struggling to carry her grocery bags. Hermana weaver and I both had the same thought... And even though EVERYONE says "No" when you ask if you can help with their bags, we thought at the same time to ask this lady.... We did, and she said YES?! Because of the language barrier, we were a little confused, but so happy to help! She opened the door for us and told us she lived on the 4th floor.... We started our hike up and about the second flight (of 9?) the words to a hymn just starting flowing and singing from my mouth. "When upon life's billows you are tempests tossed... When you are discouraged thinking all is lost, count your many blessings... Name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the lord hast done." Let's just say my bag was REALLY HEAVY and I'm so glad and grateful for the physical strength I had to carry that up, with laughing and singing. (She thanked us, we gave her a card and kind of explained who we were. She told us to come back, so Yesterday we went back and had a lesson with her!) not gonna lie it was reallllly awkward, but that's ok, haha. 

So fun news.... This week was the last week of the transfer and Saturday night we got a call..... Andddddddd IM GOING TO THE CANARY ISLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Los Cristianos) I basically know nothing, but I'm super excited, scared, and very nervous. My flight leaves tomorrow, Tuesday around 3. I'll be flying with my new companion Hermana Jimenez, she's a native, and we're whitewashing the area.... (We go pick her and Hermana weavers companion up tonight at a metro stop). Ahh. We'll be in a new piso in Los Cristianos, we're whitewashing, and that's about all I know. I'm super excited to be with a native because I know my Spanish is going to soar, but I'm also really really nervous. Really nervous. Somehow I know I'll be able to do this with the help of my father in heaven and savior, but I'm so nervous. Sunday was a day of goodbyes, lots of hugs (and kisses), tears, and packing. When you go to the islands, you can only take one suitcase, so there is a lot of shuffling around and trying to figure out what to take and what to leave behind because in the mission you already limit your stuff anyways. (My other bags will stay in the mission home). Stressful! I needed Taylor's packing skills.... But I got it all worked out! 

We ate with the GUZMANS Sunday, an awesome member family here and it was sad to say goodbye.. They are an awesome family who supports the work here and they are so helpful. We have Noche de Hogar at their house every Tuesday night and we would bring investigators, which is so nice. They quickly became my "mission family" here in B8. I feel like I'm leaving on my mission again because of saying goodbye to them, saying goodbye to Hermana weaver (my mom in the mission), leaving my 1st area, and since I had to pack only in one bag, it's like leaving stuff behind like I did at home. Then I'm going to get on a plane to leave.... So weird. 

I'm super excited for this next adventure and I'm excited to see what's in store. I know Heavenly Father has been preparing me for this, I started the mission whitewashing and I'm doing it again, in the islands. Ahhh I don't know what to think or what to do, but I'm excited. I'm so grateful for Hermana Weaver and all her help and love these past 11 weeks we have been together. We went through a lot together and it's cool to look back and see how far we came because we literally started with nothing. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in Barrio 8 with Hermana Weaver, and it will always have a special place in my heart. 

Well, next time I write, I'll be in the islands with my new companion Hermana Jimenez, and I'll let you know how this week goes! 

Much love from a little missionary in Spain headed to Los Cristianos! 



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