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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
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September 12, 2017

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3 months?!

Hello hello FAMILY! Another week in Spain Madrid, Barrio 8, and mom told me that I have been out 90 days?! This week I hit 3 months?! So crazy?! 

Before I talk about my week, I just want you to know how grateful I am to be in the family that we have. I am so grateful to have grown up the gospel, to have faithful parents, to have amazing brothers who love me so much (and now 2 of the cutest sisters!!), and I am so grateful for the examples of each of you. this week I was reading in Jacob 3, and I was again reminded how grateful I am to have had the gospel my whole life and to have a knowledge of my savior and to know that I have a Father in Heaven who knows me and he loves me. Even though at times it is really hard and it's crazy to think that I can't just text any of you for help, advice or a joke, I'm grateful for this time away because it is just showing me even more how much this gospel means to me and how much I want to share it with others, and of course how much I love my loved ones. The saying "A missionary leaves her family for 2 years so she can teach others that they can be with their family forever" is so true and i definitely feel that. So... With that said, here we go. :) 

This week we had a lot of people, actually almost everyone fail or cancel lessons on us.. It was ok though because we were definitely in other places and we were where we needed to be instead. This week I want to tell about something really exciting and cool that happened. Our area is REALLY big and a few weeks ago we were given a name a number for a member who loves in a pueblo called Valdilecha. (We joked about going here because it takes 8 hours walking, but we found out that there is a bus that goes there in 75 minutes). Hermana Weaver and I were definitely up for the adventure and excited to go visit this little town and explore there. So this week we made the appointment and headed out Friday afternoon. We got there and it IS SO CUTE!!! We found the ladies house and quickly into talking we found out that she actually wasn't a member. Alejandra has a son that lives with her, Luiz. (I think she's like 60, and he is 45?) I'm not exactly sure what medical condition he has, but I know that for some reason when he stands up it is really hard for him to talk and he tongue like goes numb, so he gets really frustrated because he can't communicate. (Sound familiar??? Yes, ME! I know what I want to say and it's all in my head, but it's sooo hard for me to communicate and get it out) as he was talking, immediately I felt an overwhelming love for Luiz and I felt soooo much love from God for him. I could FEEL his pain of how he couldn't communicate, his frustration, and my heart just hurt so bad for him. The spirit was so fuerte and I was brought to tears, along with him and Antonia as well. Because they weren't members and didn't know much about us, our lesson changed and was totally led by the spirit which was really cool. We showed a Mormon message called "Mountains to Climb" and after, I testified... I wish I could remember what I said, but it was the spirit that seriously put all the words in my mouth. By this point, after listening to him, watching the message, and my turn to talk I was like bawling and praying I could speak. I took a deep breathe and told them that my Spanish was very little but I had a testimony of our savior. The mujer reminded me to take my time and it was ok, and to be tranquillo. It was so cool because I just felt so much love for these people and I could see them through God's eyes. I wish I could just take you there in the moment so you could see and feel how it was, but either way, it was incredible. We left the appointment and I was so excited. We quickly prayed and headed to find the bus stop so we would make it and not have to wait in this town or worse get stranded for the night... Haha. But, I don't think the people in this place had ever seen missionaries before, and if so its been a realllllly long time because 1, these cute ladies sitting in a bench were so excited to see us, 2, some man asked what we were doing and who we were looking for, and 3, right when we got close to the stop, I stopped a guy just to say hi to him and long story short, he asked for a pamphlet?? (Funny because that's not a normal thing...) we got his number and he wants to meet with us. Hermana weaver and I got on the bus and the whole way back home we talked about how much success we think we could have there and we are really excited to start working there! WAHOOOO!!! 

Well, that's a little sneak peek into Hermana Curtis' week here in Spain! Everyday is a new day and I'm reminded to take it poco a poco. And that's just how it is in life. This week I am very grateful for the strength I receive from my Savior in every moment. It's very hot here and the summer is going to be hot hot hot, but we're excited and loving every moment. Hope all is well in Utah, or wherever you may be in the world! Remember to turn to your Father in Heaven in prayer, He wants to hear from you and help you!! 

Happy summer! 

Cariño y Besitos, Hermanita Curtis



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