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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
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September 12, 2017

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Those moments make it all worth it


This week was a week full of miracles. Whether it was making the bus right on time, the green man beeping so we could cross the street, the fruit stand being open on our way home Saturday night to get our Sunday morning bananas (and yummy peach things)... MIRACLES on miracles with lessons and investigators this week and so much more. With this being a new transfer, Hermana Weaver and I were really excited to hit the ground running. We had an amazing weekly planning meeting and we made awesome goals with key indicators and we talked about things we could do better to be more obedient, work with members, work smarter, or to do those things we needed to do. The Lords hand is in the work and there are always miracles to be found, we just need to have eyes to see them and recognize those tender mercies. There are 2 quick stories I want to tell about this week, but first a few funnies about things in Spain. Milk. Milk is in a carton and is kept on a shelf and the milk lasts a looooong time. Weird, cool? And good? Random, but true. Also, everyone here lives in pisos, like apartments... Yesterday we ate with members in a HOUSE! Haha it was so fun to be back in a house. 

Ok so First, earlier this week we made delicious banana bread with an investigator family. We had never done this before so it was a miracle in itself that it actually worked and tasted ok?! (They also don't have measuring cups here and trying to translate conversions is a struggle...) We had a lesson with them and miracle again, the mom asked us to show her family the video we showed her the first time we visited with her 6 weeks ago, Because of Him. The lesson went on and the spirit was felt, and the close, we invited the atheist daughter to say the closing prayer and she did?? like what?? SO COOL! 

One of my favorite parts of the week is the lessons we have had with one of our investigators. She is amazing and she is living with a menos activo (less active) which is how we started working with her. We taught her lesson one and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. So far so good, she prayed about it, has read and is loving it! We had a lesson with her again on Saturday night with her mom as well and she basically taught her mom the whole FIRST LESSON, the restoration and what we're all about. The spirit was SO fuerte (strong) and the lesson was led by the spirit which was so cool. It is so cool because you can literally see the light of Christ in her and you can feel of her love because she is so happy. Those moments make the mission all worth it. 

I am really really grateful for my savior and the strength he has given me to press forward and  keep going, and the strength I have had to be patient. Heavenly Father works in really mysterious ways, but I know that he is always there for us. This work is all in Heavenly Fathers hands and as missionaries, we are just the instruments in his hands. 

Sorry I have scrambled thoughts again, but just know that I'm living and loving life. Everyday is a new adventure, but it's awesome. It's starting to get reallllllyyyy hot and this summer is going to be intense and very hot. 

Keep on pushing on and know that I love and miss you all!! 

Much love, Hermanita Curtis in Spain! 

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