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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello family!! 

First off, it was SO great to see you ALL yesterday. Thank you for being there! Wahoo! I am so blessed to have such amazing parents, and siblings who are so supportive, loving and such great examples to me. A special thank you to each one of you! 

Well, you kind of know what has already happened/what is happening here with me, but I'll do a little recap. 

This week we had a great week! 
Tuesday we had leadership council with president and it was great! We talked a lot about the importance of teaching and the importance that the people we teach understand what we are teaching and the basics of the gospel of Jesucristo. This week we have zone conference and we are in charge of presenting a few things. I'm excited but also vverrrryyyy nervous. As missionaries, it's interesting because we talk in front of people all the time, we have to teach, but it still makes me really nervous, especially in Spanish still. Hah, but, I'm very grateful for prayer and the strength I always receive to do the things I need to do. 

This week I wanted to share a miracle that we had on Thursday. Thursday was a day with back to back lessons and a little bit of time crunch. Dora (aka Dorita) is our friend from Peru and Hermana Estrada and her companion before, Hermana Keller found her about 2 weeks before I came by knocking doors. Ever since I got here to Guadalajara I have loved Dora and she is amazing. These past few weeks we have really struggled to find a quiet time to teach something because there were always people at her house, she had to go to work, what we wanted to share got changed and it just never worked out how we had planned. Well, we went there on Thursday, planning to teach about the Book of Mormon and sharing the message from the prophet this past conference. Shortly after we got there, we realized that the house was quiet and it was a perfect time to share lesson 2, the plan of salvation. We ended up teaching her that and it was more than perfect. We focused on the atonement of Jesucristo and our life here on earth. The spirit was so strong and we all were in tears as we both testified of the love that our savior Jesucristo has for us. As we finished the lesson, we invited Dora to baptism and she said yes! She has a goal and a date for the 3rd of June and we are so excited!! We're praying and praying that this miracle can happen! She is SO ready and is amazing! 

We left Doritas and headed to Sindi and jose's, and they had read more stories in the Book of Mormon! I wish I could explain how much of a miracle this is. They love the Book of Mormon and they love the videos! Yaya for friends! 

Friday night we learned how to conserve vegetables with the relief society ☺️ and Saturday we played some soccer with our friends, members, and a whole bunch of teenagers- every day is a new adventure in the mission! 

I love being a missionary! 

Well, I'm going to leave you with that from this week, I just want to close with my testimony and my love that I know that this is the church of Jesucristo. Yesterday I had the chance to speak in sacrament meeting about how the gospel of Jesus Christ helps us in our lives. I am so grateful for my savior because, because of Him, I am a better person. Because of my savior, I know that I am never alone and I know that I have a father in heaven who knows me, loves me and he has a plan for me. I know that sometimes we don't understand the things that happen, but He does, and I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we really can find true happiness. We can have JOY! 

It was so great to see you all yesterday, your smiling faces and to feel your love. We are great here and I am absolutely loving life! Have a great week and I'll be back next Wednesday because we go to the temple next week! Love you!!

Hermanita Curtis ❤️❤️

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