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September 12, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Turning Point

Hello hello! How's it going in snowy Utah? I don't know if it's cold for you with the snow, but here in LUGO there isn't snow, but goodness is it cold! 

This week was a good week here in LUGO. I've learned a lot and I think it was a turning point for both Hermana Ibañez and I. 

We did a lot of walking and we did a lot of talking. Here in our mission, we have a little card which is a "successful missionary".. there are 4 main things we have to do each day and every night we talk to our district leader and he asks us how we did. A successful missionary is diligent, faithful, and obedient. 1 nephi 16:28-29 

Diligence- contacting 25 people a day 

Obedience- follow the Schedule with exactness, and planning effectively 

Faithful- praying for yourself and others throughout the day 

Something that has always been a little struggle for me has been the diligence-contacting 25 people a day. 

Well, there has been a change of that this week and Hermana ibañez really pushed ourselves to be more diligent and really give it our all. 

As we walked the streets of LUGO, I think we literally stopped every person that passed us, asking if they wanted to hear our message, if they knew they had a father in heaven who loved them, or simply just saying hello, or see ya later. Most days we long passed the 25 people and we realized that the "25" was really just a warm-up... a warm-up for miracles and a way to show our father in heaven that we're willing to work and he can trust us. The miracles, receiving phone numbers, and really talking to people start to happen in the 27-28 contact of the day. And from there, we can really just go up. We have been finding a lot of less actives who have never been to church since they've moved here and we've seen progress there! (Rosa, for example, is a less active and she came back to church the first time in 20 years!) we' el also found a lot of old investigators who had lost contact with missionaries, but wanted to come back! 

This week we got to teach seminary to the jóvenes in our ward! It's started at 7, and normally that's the time when we wake up! It was fun to teach them and a little different to be on that side of seminary! 

We also had new beginnings/ and we talked a lot about personal progress and for the strength of youth. It was a good week with the youth! 

This next week we're headed to Vigo again for the worldwide missionary broadcast, zone conference, and interviews with president! 

Sorry time is short, we're at the mall and headed to catch the bus to head back to the city. My invitation this week- to the extra mile. Smile at someone, make a new friend, be kind, and find ways to serve those around you. We are SO blessed to have this gospel and this guide here on earth. I know we have a father in heaven who loves us and and he is ALWAYS there to lead us and help us along the way. 

Have a great week, sorry this was short! 

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