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September 12, 2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

Listen to the spirit


Well, I'm not exactly sure what to write this week... it was a week full of contacting, walking, and exploring Lugo. In my mission I've only known a whitewash (going into a new area with a new companion) and this has definitely been the hardest time and a learning experience. We're really learning obedience, listening to the spirit and really working hard and if we don't put the work in, nothing is going to come out. 

Yesterday for relief society, Hermana Ibáñez and I had the opportunity to teach the lesson. It was the 1st lesson from President Hinckley for the year, and it was The Restoration. As missionaries, that is our first lesson, and one of the first things we talk about, how we believe and know that our church has been restored and the true church of Christ is here on the earth today. As we spoke of Joseph Smith and testified of how we know he was a prophet of God, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I feel so blessed and grateful for young Jospeh, for his faith, his desires and his action to go and pray to our father and really ask which church was true. Thanks to the prophet Joseph Smith, our church has been restored, we have the priesthood power here on earth, we have the Book of Mormon- another testament of our savior Jesus Christ. We know that He Lives and we know that we can and will live with our families forever. We have knowledge of the atonement and we know that our Savior truly atoned and suffered for each of us. He is our older brother! 

It's been a hard week here in LUGO, but I'm grateful for my Savior and His love. I know He lives and I'm grateful for the love our father in heaven has for each one of us.

This morning I was reading a talk and it talked about putting your trust in the lord, especially while sharing the gospel. As members of the church I think we think we have something crazy to share, be on the mission, or we have to do grand and big things to share what we believe... guess what?? We don't! We can share our beliefs in the way we act, the things we say, and as well, we can open our mouths and share, testify that we have a Savior, an older brother who loves us. 

There is a article in one of the ensigns, I think this past December and it's called BE A REAL ACTION HERO. Right now I am learning to be a real action hero (more like just trusting and doing what I know we should/when we should, haha). God gives us commandments and leaders to help lead and guide us, but we have our agency, and we have to choose how we are going to act and what we're going to do with those tools and guidelines we have been given. 

He also loves us, so we have the gift of the Holy Ghost to help lead and guide us too. 

Sorry there's not much! We're in the process of finding and a lot of contacting to find our brothers and sisters who are ready for our message! 

thanks for your love, support, and prayers. 
I know God lives and I know He loves us! 

Be a little more like our Savior this week- love a little more, serve a little more, and smile! 

Have a great week! 

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