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September 12, 2017

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bring em the love

Wahoo! ¿Qué tal familia!?? 

This week... Goodness this week was a hard one. But, with that said, I have seen so much growth in myself, in my companion, and in everything. We spent a lot of the week knocking doors, walking, talking, opening our mouths and trying to share this message of the Restoration that is truly incredible. Let's take a minute to just be grateful.... Because We are so blessed!!! 

So a little bit about what's going on here in my island.... Last week I talked a little about our miracle friend who called us- well we met with her on Tuesday in playa San Juan, and we had a great lesson with her. She cooked us a yummy yummy lunch, we taught her, I talked to her parents in Portuguese on the phone... (They live in Brazil) haha that was an adventure. She is amazing and so cute. She already knows a lot because her parents are members, but she has been so prepared and she is prepared! We are so excited and I feel so blessed to work with her and help her. Funny moment from this week... After her lesson we contacted a little in playa San Juan. We were tocando timbres (like ringing the doorbells on the buildings) and a lot of people will poke their head over the balcony where they live and ask either who it is, or ask what we want. We rung a door and an older lady leaned over her balcony, about 3 or 4 floors up and was asking who it was. My companion started explaining that we were missionaries from our church. The lady yelled back "what?!" Really loud. I told Hermana Schwicht to try again, and after we realized that she couldn't hear us very well, we waved and said "que tenga un buen día"... Meaning have a great day! Well.... She was a little confused and thought we said "call the policia...." Haha three men across the street who overheard us quickly yelled at her and told her that we just wanted her to have a good day... I was left in the street with my companion laughing our heads off because of a little mis-communication and the police were almost called... Good news? As of the men in the street who were laughing as well.... We gave them our numbers, and we got 2 referrals from it! And we're meeting with them both this next week! 

This week we also met with Fabia and Joel, the family I told you a little bit about last week. This week when we met with them, we taught them lesson 1 about the Restoration of our church and they loved it! Joel will be 12 this next week, and he loved the story of Joseph smith. They are a miracle and I love them both! I'm also so excited to help them enjoy the blessing of the gospel. 

This week was a little difficult because we have felt stuck with what to do with some of our friends... What we should teach, how we can help, and what is really needed for them at this time. This week I spent a lot of time on my knees, crying and pleading for help and guidance. We fasted as a companionship to be guidance and have inspiration and I'm so grateful for the experiences that we have had and for a father in heaven who does really want to help lead and guide us. 

We had a lesson with one of our friends and the bishop and his wife. I have been really worried because I've been stuck with her and I want to help... But she is a big talker, and at this moment all she wants to do is talk and talk and it's hard to ever get a word it. My companion and I left the lesson in tears and frustrated because we just want to help her and see how this gospel can bring her peace and love that she needs. The bishop reminded us the next day, that all we can do is the "bring em the love". (He said it in Spanish of course..) but that's my job. That's what we're called to be. Just to be examples of our Savior Jesus Christ, and LOVE these people. 

A lot going on and a lot all over the place, sorry! 

My invitation for this week... Become like a little child and come unto Christ. Our gospel principles teacher used a really cool analogy this week and I loved it. He talked about how you put a little kid on top of a dresser and you tell them to jump, they immediately are trusting you, and jumping into your arms. The older we grow, the more fear and doubt we have. The Savior is always there for us and He is waiting to catch us. When we calls, how quickly are we willing to jump and let him help us? 

Also, watch the Mormon message "A Shower of Heavenly Blessings." My companion and I taught our ward family home evening Friday night and we did an activity to show how Heavenly Father is always raining blessings on us, but we have our umbrellas up, blocking those blessings from reaching us. Heavenly Father is always raining down those blessings, accept them and show gratitude! 

This week is another crazy week and another week full of adventures! President Pack is coming to the island for interviews so we'll see them this week! Wahoo!! 

Well, have a great week... Keep pushing on, keep trusting, and count your blessings! 

Besitos, and much love, Hermanita Curtis 

Also, my companion turned 2 this week! I feel like just the other day I was in her shoes... But guess what?? I'm 7?! Also, 1 year ago in 2 days I opened my mission call and found out that I would be here in Spain! Oh how time flies!!! 

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