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September 12, 2017

Monday, July 4, 2016

Run, Hermanas, Run!

Ahhh where do I even start this week?? First, being a missionary is hard, ok but let's not focus on that because I have a lot to share from this week!! So many miracles! 

Ok first, happy Fourth of July!! Family, have a blast in Jackson hole this week! Make sure you eat lots on wontons and hot and sour soup for me! Also, talent show... I'll be expecting pictures :) Enjoy the float down the cold DQ river extra for me because it is soooooo hot here in Madrid. 

Ok so First story... This one has to do with a VIOLIN! So long story short, the B6 Hermanas asked if I would play at a baptism they were having. Of course I said YES! Our mission has a violin and for some reason it got misplaced and it was missing.... From when I played it in the MTC like 3 months ago.... Through much prayer (a lot on my part) the violin was found!! Miracle #1 there. I brought it back to my piso that night and as soon as we were done planning I ran to get it out. I forgot that the bridge was a little tilted and that scared me in the Mtc but I didn't have time to fix it. So I decided now would be the time.... I straightened the bridge out great and now it was time to tune it back up. To all of you violin people out there you will get this, but thanks do Dr. Suzuki, I have pretty good hearing with pitch (#2) and with the biggest prayer in my heart, I asked to be able to tune it back up without a piano or something to go off of. As I was tuning the G... All of a sudden there was a snap... And it broke... (WORST NIGHTMARE). WHAT DO I DO?! 

Sad to say it, and I'm crazy but in my 15+ years of playing the violin I don't think I've ever fixed a string or put a string on by myself... And here I am in Madrid, will a violin and a broken string..... Whoops. Miracle #3 there were extra strings in the case!!!! Miracle #4 with anxiety and fear that something would snap again, or it wouldn't work, or I wouldn't know what to do.. I put the string on, tuned it up and it works!!! The musical number at the baptism was great and all was well!! Grateful my fingers still worked and could play, that I had a towel for a chin rest, and the spirit was felt :) (I also played it in relief society for prelude! :) thanks mom for all the hours of practice and helping me be where I'm at in my music. So blessed my fingers/brain work and I can just pick it up and play like that) 

Well, I am here in Spain, working with people and I don't think I've said much about the people that I'm here working with and my actual missionary work! So today you will now find out. Sorry! 

First, the Nietos. (Grandchildren of Florencia, a member in our ward) 

Rodolfo (10) and Valeria (9)!! We have been working with them since we both got to this area and we are so happy and excited to say that they are getting baptized this Saturday!! (Since our area didn't have sisters for a transfer, they got a little lost. The sisters worked with them before, but we picked them back up when we came in).  They are both so excited and so ready! Yesterday I was sitting with them at church and Valeria whispered to me that she wanted to go up and bear her testimony. I got really nervous because if she went up, that meant that I was going up with her and I would have to talk as well.... She got me to do it and we went up there, holding hands and she was so nervous, but so excited it was so cute. We stood at the pulpit together holding handing and She bore her testimony on how she knew this church was true and she was excited to get baptized this weekend. The whole congregation was moved by her sweet spirit. (Because she's 9, she bore her testimony and she's getting baptized?! Like so cool!!!) It was then my turn and this spirit came over me so strong and I got emotional as I talked about how grateful I was for her sweet example and strength. She ran back over to me and held my arm and it was so comforting to know that we were in it together. And that's how it is in the gospel! We're all in this together!  Saturday afternoon, we were at the b6 Hermanas baptism with the Nietos and Florencia and Florencia told us that she was going back to Peru Sunday morning after the baptism...... AHHH. We were so crushed and confused what to do because the Nietos parents aren't members and we didn't know how they would get to church every week without their grandma and worried if things would fall through. Hermana Weaver and I went to ward council and it was amazing how much the ward stepped in after we told them the situation and they are all ready and willing to help. The baptism is still on, crossing our fingers and praying that everything goes well! Wahoo! 

Next, cute Alejandra (15) and little José (7). This email is already a little long, so I can talk about them next week a little more. But we found Alejandra through a menos activo. We went to go visit him and it was a miracle that she was there and we ended up teaching her. She is seriously INCREDIBLE and so ready. She has a baptismal date for July 30, so we're working towards that and we're excited! Jose is 7 and he will be baptized in September. Haha he doesn't understand my Spanish and he thinks I speak in Chino (Chinese), so that's fun. Alejandra is actually at girls camp with the ward this week, so it's great!  

Yesterday our metro officially closed down and we're now on buses, or walking. We literally ran (sprinted) to catch 2 busses yesterday and we made them both. TENDER MERCY.  

This is the last week of the transfer, crazy I'm almost done with training and we may get separated?! We have no idea because since we white washed and came in together, we may be here a 3rd together! We hope! But we'll see what happens.  

Hope everyone had a great week! It's hot here, very hot and this week we're headed to find glasses and hats (because you can wear that now??). Haha anyways, yes.  

Just want you to know how much your Father in Heaven loves you and knows you. I've said this before... But seriously, he wants to hear from you. Turn to him in prayer always, tell him the things of your heart, and trust that He is there-because he is.  

I'll be back next week with more! 

For now, Besitos!  

Hermana Curtis  

(Ps... I say Besitos because here in Spain everyone gives 2 kisses, one on each cheek when you greet someone) :) welcome to Spain! 

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