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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Miracles, miracles, and even more miracles. How is everyone doing? I’m emailing today quickly, to express my thoughts and concerns about these past few days and what has been going on, so I’m going to start from the beginning because God is SO GOOD and SO incredible.

Last week, my companion and I prepared a lesson on the plan of salvation for one of our investigators. We didn't end up teaching that that night because the spirit led us another way. BUT from that moment, I know Heavenly Father was leading and preparing for the upcoming days. 

Thursday, p day we got to go to the temple. The cutest little Portuguese lady sat by me and immediately I thought of grandma. She was so little, she didn’t understand anything because it was in English, but I was helping her with her headphones and throughout the session. Another tender mercy.
After the temple I came back to email and found out that grandma had had a stroke and wasn’t doing too well. Immediately I prayed for strength and guidance. 

Friday morning, Hermano Arjona gave an AMAZING workshop on the plan of salvation. (coincidence? I think NOT)

Sunday, Presidente Packer gave a follow-up on the plan of salvation and we talked about it again, which was also so amazing. Little did I know that this would play another great role in my weekend. 

Sunday evening, we were getting ready to watch a devotional and president packer came in our aula and asked me to come down to his office. I didn’t think much of it because I thought it was my 4-week interview with him because that is going on right now. I sat down in his office and he told me that grandma had passed away earlier that morning. I had the coolest feeling at that moment. It was a feeling of peace, love, comfort, and just calm. we talked for a little while, he shared some scriptures, and asked what I wanted to do next. 

I couldn’t remember what time our church was, but mom and paps I’m so glad I caught you at the right time before you had to go. I was a bit of a mess on the phone, but all is well here. Paps, keep working on the Spanish and thank you for your prayer :)

As I told you, I hadn’t been sleeping very well and the past few nights were really rough because I wouldn’t sleep, wake up with a headache and let’s just say that is not a good thing when trying to learn a language and even just to learn. 
I asked Presidente to give me a blessing and it was perfect. I received immediate comfort, peace, and love. 
Sunday night one of the teachers put a note under my door and she shared some scriptures with me... 

Alma 46:39, 41
Alma 28:12


When I went to say goodbye to Grandma Curtis before I left, she said ¨see you when I see you¨. I love Grandma Curtis, her sweet spirit and her testimony. She was and still is the biggest light in my life. Sunday night was very emotional, but before I went to bed I knelt down, cried, and just thanked my heavenly father for grandma and her life that she lived here. Yes, it is sad because we love her, but I KNOW that she is in a better place, she’s with loved ones, and WITH GRANDPA. (all I want is to hear his piano song Patricia...hopefully soon)

Because of this gospel and our knowledge, I KNOW that I will see grandma again and I am so grateful to have that peace and comfort especially at this time when I am away from my family. 

Monday morning, I woke up and I seriously felt like I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I felt like I was ready to conquer the world, I wish I could put it in words, but it was seriously amazing. I know with all of my whole heart and body that my cute guardian angel Grandma Curtis, and Grandpa together have been lifting me up and carrying me through this time. I got down to class and the sunrise was beautiful, first sign of god’s love. Then all of a sudden, it started to POUR. Sign 2, the heavens were crying for me, for grandma, for our family. GOD IS SO GOOD AND HE IS AWARE OF WHAT WE´RE GOING THROUGH. 

Sorry if this is scattered and all over the place, but I know that our family can be together forever. If it wasn’t true, I wouldn’t be here in Spain teaching, preparing, and learning to teach. 

I love being a missionary, and I love you family. Stay strong in this time, hug each other extra tight for me and cherish the moments you have together. 

As grandma would say.... I’ll see you when I see you!

Thank you for all of your love and prayers, I CAN FEEL THEM!

Much love from a sister missionary in Spain who feels so much strength and is so happy, 

Hermana Curtis 

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