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Sister Sarah Nicole Curtis
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September 12, 2017

Thursday, March 31, 2016

the gift of tongues is real!

HELLO FAMILY!  HOWS IT GOING? First, I have no idea what I wrote last night in my journal and I can’t remember, so I will try to do my best... I am not a great writer, and we only have an hour which FLIES by so sorry if I don’t get to everything. This week has been amazing and it’s so crazy how fast time seems to fly.

This week was awesome and this is why...

First, this gospel is amazing, God is real, and He is SO beyond good. Last p-day we went to the temple and it was so amazing to be in a place that I love and is so near and dear to my heart. I loved feeling the spirit there and it took me back to all the temples in Utah that I got to go to with mom. We went on an excursion in the afternoon and explored MADRID which, Madrid is BEAUTIFUL. (I’ll send pictures)

On Saturday we had a TRC and Saturday was probably one of the best days I have ever ever had. My companion and I Hermana Campbell went into the lesson feeling confident and pretty ready to give our message. (TRC we teach for 25 minutes, get feedback for 10 minutes, then teach for 25 minutes if we need to.) We taught, the spirit was great and we felt really good. Hermana caballero (literally my favorite person ever) was acting as "Cecilia" and she took my notes, ripped them in half and put them behind her back. She told us teach again, so there we went. No notes, trying to teach a lesson in Spanish. AHH. well, let me just say that that lesson was the best we have ever done and the gift of tongues is real. We taught, the spirit was so strong, we both had things come to our memory from our weekly studies, we bore testimony and we all left the lesson in tears.... success because the spirit was felt and we basically gave a lesson in SPANISH with NO NOTES!!

Saturday we went to the parque (park)... I don´t want to talk a lot about that now because I can in a few weeks, but basically we go to the park and we contact for about 2 hours. I was put in a trio and in that time we contacted 67 people!!!!, placed 3 Books of Mormon, 25 pamphlets, and 2 referrals! Safe to say it was an amazing day at the park. Saturday we started a fast until Sunday lunch and it was amazing to fast over Easter weekend and to remember OUR Savior. (sorry I forgot to tell you last week, but HAPPY EASTER!)

Here as a missionary we don't have much time to think about home or what´s going on anywhere else besides here, but one thing that most people don´t want is for people to forget them. To anyone who is reading this, I love you and I care about you. I would do anything for you to help in anyway. Christ feels the same about us, he loves us, he would do anything for us, and people forget him ALL the time. He died for us, suffered for us, and atoned for OUR sins, for MY sins. No matter what is going on in your life, turn to the Savior and ask for His strength and His guidance.

Sunday, Easter was an amazing day and so great to focus even more on the Savior and His life.

On Sunday, Hermana Campbell and I got made Sister Training Leaders. I am excited to take on this role and to be an example to others and to help the zone, CCM, and Presidente out in whatever way I can. I am very humbled that my Heavenly Father trusts me with this calling.

This week the French and Russian missionaries left for the field... sad day, but I’m excited for them to get out to the real world and real work. We got 2 new Spanish learners in our district on Tuesday and 5 Russian learners elders, all came from Provo MTC.

Time is flying here, but I love the CMM, and I love the work. Enjoy general conference this weekend and apply what you learn in your life! I think we get to watch 2 sessions live which is pretty cool!

Mom, how is your health? Crazy that 1 year ago tomorrow you had your heart attack. I hope all is well, and know that I’m praying for you.

I eat 2 madarinas (mandarin oranges) every day and I am a master at peeling them, the food is honestly so delicious, and I’m learning so much. Spanish is coming and it improves every day. We play a lot of soccer (and basketball-- I’m actually kind of good, I hit a few 3´s the other day in our game, thanks Tanner and Hayden for making me play Sunday ball with you guys. It’s paying off!)

Well, I’m going to send some pictures from this last week. Today we went to the temple, and now we’re headed to some really famous museum? I’m excited and it should be a good day!

For this week, really focus on your savior and your relationship with him. He is there for you, he wants to help you and he loves you!! Hope to hear from you soon, and if you have some spare time, write letters!!

Life is great, the church is So true, I’m a child of God and so are you!!

con mucho mucho amor,

Hermana S. Curtis

HOPEfully you're getting these pictures...... just know that I love you and I'm loving the work. I love being a missionary and learning, about my savior, and teaching others of him. We get an hour to email, but time FLIES.
Thanks for posting on my instagram.:) keep it up! (one of the teachers showed me, haha) I have to go, but I love you and hope all is well! write letters please!
Tell Hayden I love him please.

Mi compañera, my favorite person

​Hermana Caballero, one of our teachers. I love her dearly and look up to her so much.


spain is BEAUTIFUL

so sad that we had to say goodbye to Sister Cripsi and Liard this week, but so grateful we got to know them!

Contacting in the parque!

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