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September 12, 2017

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One tough week

Hello hello! This week as rough. Very hard, very challenging, lots of tears but I am still so happy and so grateful to be here. This week we did a lot of pass-bys, visiting members, cleaning up the carpeta, a lot of walking, celebrating (hermana Weaver has 9 months in the mission and she had her 20th birthday!), and the work here in B8 is coming along. Mom, you asked about our friend we had lunch with the first weekend... It was all really weird what happened, but since then we have called her, passed by her house multiple times and she has been really busy, or won't call back or we haven't gotten ahold of her. Today we witnessed a miracle!! Last week during planning we prayed and kind of handed her over to Heavenly Father. We did our part, we will keep praying and trying, but we weren't exactly sure what to do or where to take it. Today, We were in Segovia with our district for P-Day and she CALLED us!! She's been really busy with work and she has an interview for work today, but we are going to call her tomorrow and hopefully meet with her this week!! We hope and pray she'll except us and we'll be able to continue to teach her. At the moment we are trying to get more investigators, find people, contact a lot, meet the members of the ward and make ourselves known. Poco a poco. Because this week was really difficult, I have learned a lot about the Atonement. Being a missionary is difficult because I have learned even more that I need the Savior so much. I read a quote and it is perfect for missionary work from this months liahona... 

"I’ve had to learn that it’s the Lord’s work, not mine. And it’s OK if I feel inadequate at it because I am inadequate. I’ll never be adequate to do what only God can do. There’s a lot I can do to improve, but I don’t have to figure it all out by myself. I can count on Him." 

There's a lot I can't do and I have much room to improve and work on, we all do. There is always room to work harder, to be better, to do more, but through our Savior and the love of our Heavenly Father, all we have to do is try a little harder to be a little better and all we are asked to do it our best. Many times we want to be perfect, or we get frustrated with ourselves because we can't do something... Yes it is so hard and so frustrating, but I am grateful for my savior who loves me even when I mess up or make mistakes and I am grateful for my Heavenly Fathers love. 

As a missionary, you may think when you get set-apart and get your tag that you are automatically a perfect missionary and all the troubles, weaknesses, and fears go away.... They don't. I'm still little Hermana Curtis and I still struggle, have fears, and I'm not perfect. Through hard work, practice, patience, diligence, obedience, love, and with the Saviors help, we can do hard things and we can do this. I'm grateful for the challenges that I have and I'm grateful for the strength I can receive through the Savior. 

Taylor shared a scripture with me the other day and it's something I refer back to often... 2 Nephi 28:30. Here a little, there a little. Trust in the lord, his timing and stay strong! 

This week we have transfers which is so crazy! Our district may be changing a bit with people coming and going, so it will be an exciting weekend. Hope everything is well at home! I'm grateful for your love and support always. I can't believe school is almost out! Hayd, you are growing up WAYYY too fast and you need to slow down! Keep working hard, enjoy this last week of school, and keep killing it in baseball! I loved the picture of you all eating ice cream with grandma and grandpa-one of my favorite traditions ever. I listen to grandpas piano almost every morning and it brings the spirit into our piso. (Speaking of music... I think I'm playing the violin at a baptism in a few weeks?! Yay!) Family, I love you all and I'm grateful for your prayers, thank you! 

What questions do you have for me? Is there anything I can do for you?? I'm doing great, love you all from Spain! 

much love,

Hermana Curtis


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